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Eloquent words, beautiful lines

Whimsical lyrics, potent rhymes

Songs are sung and stories are told

Of the glory of a warrior,

When fortune favors the bold.

History is written of fierce, unbridled love.

And angels battle demons in the skies above.

A malicious king, an outcast knight,

Locked in battle, only one shall win this fight.

Swords did clash in a symphony of combat.

Good versus Evil, and the love of a maiden,

The knight went on the attack.

For his kingdom, for her love, for his people, 

He would rise above.

Songs were sung of the king's defeat,

Of the knight who triumphed over tyranny.

Poems were written and stories were told

Of an evil king and a knight so bold. 

From history to myth, and myth into legend,

Their story is more fantastic than one could imagine. 

Maybe they're now a part of fantasy,

But their story lives on for you to read.



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    Jan 12, 2020

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    Feb 09, 2020

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