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There are days where I can write paragraphs, passages even, but there are times when I can't find it in me, sometimes I go blank. I've struggled to realize why until now. I tend to write when I'm happy, angry, sad, or depressed, but the rare times when I can't find words to write, are when I'm bored. I'm still not clear why that is, but when I'm looking for entertainment, and I write, I can't think straight, and I struggle to find content, while as to the times I'm happy, or feel some sort of emotion, and I'm not just bored, I can write whole pages, that's just how my mind works I guess.


  • listen to music it will get you going on emotions if not then listen to her last words or ugly those songs will practically get you feeling something if not come talk to me hun!

    Jan 12, 2020

  • Harmony Vic

    Harmony Vic

    I love ugly! it's an amazing song, and music is my life, so I can do that no problem! Thanks!

    Jan 12, 2020

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