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There are days where I can write paragraphs, passages even, but there are times when I can't find it in me, sometimes I go blank. I've struggled to realize why until now. I tend to write when I'm happy, angry, sad, or depressed, but the rare times when I can't find words to write, are when I'm bored. I'm still not clear why that is, but when I'm looking for entertainment, and I write, I can't think straight, and I struggle to find content, while as to the times I'm happy, or feel some sort of emotion, and I'm not just bored, I can write whole pages, that's just how my mind works I guess.


  • Harmony Vic

    Harmony Vic

    I love ugly! it's an amazing song, and music is my life, so I can do that no problem! Thanks!

    Jan 12, 2020

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