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Don’t turn me down today because I’m nothing. 
It might be too late for you when I’m something. 
Together we can create an empire of wealth, 
And we shall escape the quagmire of hell. 

I will put my ornaments of gold upon your apparel. 
In our house you shall never be barren. 
Under this blue dome of heaven over the earth 
You will forever be only passport into my heart. 

You will be a life contract that won’t expire 
As long as my heart muscles contract and go not haywire. 
Inasmuch as God doesn’t retire from His Acts, 
I shall never be tired of your genital tract. 

I will eat my pride and offer an apology 
If I wrong you in anyway to avoid malady. 
In our hearth, we can throw a party, 
But we must avoid a third party. 

Being the love of my life, 
I’d make you happy when I’m alive. 
Being the helper of my star, 
I wouldn’t park you like a car. 

Your love would be etched in my heart intact. 
All other ladies would be found inert. 
I wouldn’t count you as number one, 
Since you would be the only one. 

I might not buy you 45m Porsche like Davido, 
You would never buy dildo to satisfy your libido. 
I might not satisfy you with all that are alluring 
But you would have no cause for regretting.  

Parents as models, we shall stand tall. 
Our children, they will please God. 
Putting into words the way I will love 
Will only reduce the meaning of love. 


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