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My name is Harmony Vic, my age will not be shared, for that is personal, and I don't wish for others to know. My love for writing actually started when I was slightly younger, I am really into music, always have been, I figured that if I wanted to be a music artist, I needed to write songs, and really just know how to write in general, I started researching some writings for inspiration, I found that I related to some of the stuff I saw, and realized that these writings were based on emotions of others, so I wrote my first song, I used emotions I had built up in me, such as sadness, stress, anger, joy, etc. I ended up making a pretty good song for my age, and decided I wanted to do it more often. I grew up writing more songs, and I sometimes even write short raps for my friends, which by my age now, I'm very good at, and have developed outstanding writing abilities. I haven't only written songs though, I've also written stories, biographies, poems, and very much enjoy writing essays for school, (can't say the same for my classmates. 😬) I get many compliments on my writings, and my teachers are very fond of me because of my excitement towards writing, grammar, and other subjects that involve me being able to move a pencil, which is basically everything. I love writing because it allows me to express my emotions, and how I feel, I can do a lot with just a pencil and some paper ya know! 


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