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   All people have different opinions and thoughts, but some people insist that their opinion is always correct. When proven wrong, they take out their anger on others, or throw a fit. This is called immaturity.
   When someone is being immature they can sometimes be rude, or just highly irritating. This can affect other people around them. It's usually best to ignore this person, but if it becomes too much you can always try and talk to them, sometimes they just want attention, and if you don't give them that, the situation becomes worse. But they're looking for negative attention, which is why you have to do the opposite, and be positive. Try to help them realize what they're doing, and how it's affecting others.
   Sometimes it's not others who are acting immature, it's you. There is always a cause for acting immature, you just need to find it and confront it. Sometimes it's hard to confront things or people that make you upset, so if it's too difficult, try to do something you usually enjoy. However, if you do decide to confront, try drinking water, and taking a couple deep breaths first to calm you down. If you confront something or someone angrily, you may make the problem worse.
   Don't ever let someone acting immaturely, or your own immaturity get you down, try to look at the bright side, and understand how the other person feels, or attempt to fix what's making you act this way, Immaturity is not an obstacle, and can sometimes make you even stronger once gone.


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