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It's the reaction of love .that two sides of the coin are both different but make up one coin.
Love can't be made based on comparison because no machine can make up the reaction of love of two human reaction. 

He is not a good mate for you and i still feel my bones having strength everytime she smiles ,like i will faint everytime he say my name .when i look her in her eyes and i see, future, my future. 
Love reaction. 

Made to be one of my kind but a female of my kind you and me are the same but still not the same .i still wish that God could turn you back into a rib , my rib, just that i could be one  with you and never separated from you .

I turned blue when i saw your eyes when you turned to me .felt a bit grat when i saw you move ,and a little bit heavy when the sun was putting you on the spotlight and my eyes were all the camera for you and everytime i blink you become clear to me.

My one it's what i will say .im not getting a bit over my head but as they say when you know that she is the one you know .she may not be a perfect match for them but that is why she is not marrying them but you .

Love has no logic in it and cant be explained in full love endless and landless. It takes place were it wants but for me, it was under a tree and you were buying sweats from me and i saw your smile and the smile sweet i would say .


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