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It is dark and tainted view through the vales of my window.
No image of perpetual life around me but i heard the psyche of my echo .

It goes, do you hear that soundless cried out of my desperate pride?

I am bit of alone and I am emotional butterfly. No I heard the stillness of the night and dark shaded corners keep shape.

I stay awake by do some Buraliseue with a crazy doll face.
In less the time runs by a dime and morning came with the next day.
I fade down to the sheets and whimpered for a big escapes. 

Drawing unicorn from outerspace that i was so bored. 

Wondering how life got to be meaningless and lack no eccentric worth on my breath.

I walked a million miles through blazing burn of deception and everything a child  a preteen an adult ever encountered. 
Its  sickeningly and ill tasted in the sense of paper sandwich. 

Thoughts buried deep as if I am bewitched but my scan memory all wash up with crypt signals. 

Flashing lights and I lances asleep. Dreaming of relief but I get myself into creepy medieval places. 

All the photographic scenes spiral around thee. I see billions of halls split into mixture of tunnels. 

Am I  lost in the sanity? I were sleeping but still in the nightmare inside of me. 
I called self running to different things and all kinds of crazy rings.
Gush out the air,it warm and my heart throbbed.

I dropped down on the invisible floor catching the chest with one hand . I secretly have this deep experience at my own  expense. 

Though I am a worm beautiful turn as butterflies, my fears transcend into horrorified hallucinations. 

Teares from the eye lands skim away and drop in plain sight.
The surface of the face disturb my train bottled emotions, i wake up.
It still night,i am in the works of a great fight.


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