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A landmark judgement by the Court of Appeal, the loser became the winner, they say. Sure is a land mark I've never heard in any court of law the loser is also the winner at the same time. The reason given by the judges who presided the case, according to media report was no fault of the defendant who won a parliamentary seat by a mere 156 votes. 

Case first brought to High Court of Malaysia and adjudged that  there were descrpencies committed by Election Commission thus Anifah Aman' s winning of Kimanis Praliamentry seat bu a mere 156 votes at the recent General Election was illegal. To simply say, not Anifah's fault but Malaysia Election Commission is. 

At Appeal Court, the judge ruled out no foul play or corrupt practice on Anifah’s part said that the EC was non-compliant, an action that was deemed to have had a bearing on the election results'

That is that in Malaysia? Who and what is EC? 
Don't Malaysians want to know what would the government do with EC which functions above the country's law? Something  doesn't sound right. This  EC was created Those responsible should be held accountable and or they should be asked to resign.. revamp the EC would be appropriate, otherwise next time  they would do it again. They're wasting taxpayers' money and unnecessary resource wastage


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