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There only one thing that makes the right, and the left different, markets, or collectivism, the one thing is the right believes in the right for the seller too receive a reward for selling his goods, and the left believes in the right for the buyer too not receive conquest for buying goods. There no economic system, that could have it both ways. This is an argument against communism. Too be clear, communism isn't just collectivism, communism is also an anarchist system, even karl Marx believed the state should be abolished, the whole idea behind communism is that there are no classes. This kindergartener idea that we can all be equal, and the will be no force needed, already could be uncredited by saying what it is; however it is still a popular theory, and may claim too be communist. 

A childish thing too believe is that everyone will be nice too each other, a socialist believe they can force charity, a communist also believes that everyone will be nice once classes are abolished... they may have well written the communist manifesto in crand. The only way for there to be charity, is it not be forced... the only way for there too be kindness, is if there rudeness. 

However not all collectivism is communism, or socialism, it can be liberalism, but its not completely collectivism, its rather giving poor people welfare; however this still force charity.


  • Jan 09, 2020

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