A Second, A Minute, An Eternity Read Count : 15

Category : Poems

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It took me a second to like you,
Eyes that burned into me,
I was struck by what you do,
You came to me so lovely,
It took a minute for me to want you,
The feel of your skin on mine,
I was there to do what you want to,
We happily crossed the line,
In an hour I loved you,
I would sell my soul for yours,
I surrender to all of you,
From you extacsy pours,
I was thirsty and you drowned me,
But I've lost you for an eternity,
You came but left me,
Taken away by violent voices,
Left with no choices,
I stay here and wait,
I fight this cruel fate,
For a second, a minute for eternity,
I'll wait for you to come back to me.


  • Jan 19, 2020

  • Ethan  Weaver

    Ethan Weaver


    Jan 19, 2020

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