THE LOST BOY Read Count : 20

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
Once upon a time there was a little boy, named Dylan Evaes, he would make  a pot of soup, once  a week, and bring it to his mother.  One time Dylan was on his way out the house and into the very dangerous world,with the pot of soup.  When Dylan got outside, he said "Ahhh, freash air" and went about his day and into the woods. Dylan wasn't scared, because, he had been into the woods many,many, times. Dylan was basically friends with the woods.  He knew all the animals,  and all the animals knew him, all the wolves, all the bears, all the snakes, and all the owles. Then out of nowhere somebody in toreup raggudy clothes jumped right in front of him, he had a tag on his shirt that said Jayden." Hi" said Dylan, " My name is Dylan,  what's yours. Dylan didn't see the tag. Then Jayden pointed to his namtag. "Ohhh your name is Jayden". Mmhhmm,  Jayden shook his head up and down. "Well I really must be on my way,  or else I'll be late. And trust me, you do not like it when  the queen gets mad,, so, bye Jayden. Wait can you help me, find my way to Bulidnsmurg please. Let me think about it said Dylan. Then he remeberd that he will be very late, but dylan also loved helping people even if he dosen't know them. Then he turned around and said ok, I will. Dylan didn't realise that was a red flag! Jayden did an evil smile, and then his mind went blank. Cause he never was able to trick someone. "Ummm, hello", Dylan waved his hands in front of Jayden,  " Hello, Jayden".  Then Jayden snapped out of it.  After that they walked to Buildnsmurg. 30 minutes of silence had passed. And then they got to Buildnsmurg." Well this is it" said Dylan. "Ok now walk me to prison. PRISON,ARE YOU SERIOUS, I'V BEEN WALKING WITH SOMEBODY WHO'S SUPPOSED TO BE IN F***ING PRISON, YOU'V GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, screamed Dylan. Then he turned around a walked to the castle, after 'bout 15 minutes of silence Dylan " Thought wait where am I going? Then he heard a wolf howl, and a bear roar and snak slither a owl hoot. Then Dylan was very lost, and deff didnt know what to do. The End


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