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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first chapter of this story.

Note: Centered words in Italics means there is a music track supposed to be played for the following paragraphs. You can play music on Youtube while reading.

I encourage all readers who have played Super Smash Bros Brawl to read on, enjoy, and review.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything besides the story. This is for entertainment.

Chapter 1: New Game


Super Smash Bros Brawl - Step Subspace

The scene was utterly horrible. Blood was coming out of both of the hands, either from the knuckles or the palms. God knows how much blood they lost, but they were both sure of one thing, they were both dying.

Master Hand slowly got up by using his middle and index finger. Small drops of blood ran down the fingers, though the pain was terrible; it was easing due to adrenaline. Master Hand began struggling to make his fingers bend so he can stand up straight. Tabbu made sure to do as much damage so they couldn’t get back up.

“Br-Brother, it’s no use. Y-You won’t be able to stand up s-straight,” said Crazy Hand. Crazy Hand began to move his fingers too but they began to shake. “Dammit, my fingers won’t stop shaking because of the pain Tabbu caused to them,” thought Crazy Hand.

Master Hand looked at his brother; he was concerned for his brother’s current state. “Tabbu knew my brother could pull off things that are stronger than me. I should have been more protective of him,” Master Hand thought, his ring and pinkie curled up, making a fist with those two fingers. They were shaking madly. Master Hand put his thumb, which was on the ground, and put it behind his middle and index finger. That way, he can stand up straight.

“Oh, poor little gods. What were those words your brother said before? We can’t beat the crap out of you if we don’t,” Tabbu said mockingly.

“Sh-Shut UP!” Master Hand yelled, his ring and pinkie were shaking violently. “You can make fun of me all you want, Tabbu. But DON’T DISRESPECT MY BROTHER!” Without hesitation, Master Hand plunged forward in the form of a fist at Tabbu.

Tabbu smirked, and something came from behind him. They were bright red and yellow wings. Nothing compared to his blue body. The wings were beat up, and the edges are torn off. Master Hand and Crazy Hand damaged them to make sure Tabbu couldn’t use them, but Tabbu regenerated them without the hands knowing.

“N-No,” whispered Crazy Hand as he saw his brother approach Tabbu. Crazy Hand rolled onto his back and began moving his hands. “I have to do this before he reaches Tabbu,” he thought.

Master Hand got closer and closer to Tabbu. Tabbu stayed where he was preparing his attack. And then everything began to spin. Tabbu quickly reacted and pulled out his hand. Light was forming from his hand that would shoot out towards Master Hand. But then Master Hand disappeared, and so did Crazy Hand. Only their blood was left behind in the darkness.

Tabbu stopped the light from being cast, and he stood in subspace alone. He clenched his teeth together. “You have got to be KIDDING ME!” he yelled, Tabbu made a fist and hit his stomach. Nothing happened, his hand just went through him. “The one time I get to kill them, and they teleport at the last second, BULLSHIT!” Tabbu was furious at what had transpired.

“My lord, are you alright?” The Ancient Minister appeared in front of Tabbu. 

“Does it look like I’m alright!” replied Tabbu angrily. He began breathing slowly in and out.

“My lord, don’t be too sad,” The Ancient Minister said. “We’ll find them again and kill them for sure.” It was clear the Ancient Minister was trying to cheer up Tabbu.

Tabbu took a deep breath. “Yes. I’m sorry I acted that way,” Tabbu replied. He gave a smile to the Ancient Minister.

The Ancient Minister gave a smile back at Tabbu. “So, my lord, when are we going to execute your plan?”

“Listen to me, Ancient Minister. I’m weak at the moment, so you can at least let me restore to my full power,” said Tabbu.

The Ancient Minister looked disappointed in himself. “I’m sorry my lord, I shouldn’t have rushed the plan.”

Tabbu gave a small smile at the Ancient Minister. “It’s okay. I completely forgive you, and besides, I too want the plan to be already done.”

“Thank you, my lord,” said the Ancient Minister. Tabbu gestured for the Ancient Minister to come near him.

“Ancient Minister, our plan to take over every world will soon be executed,” Tabbu said, looking into subspace. “And once I have every world in subspace, I will find a way to kill the Hands.” Tabbu began to laugh a little.

The Ancient Minister nodded. “Yes, my lord, we will kill the Hands. But for now, we have to heal you. I believe Mr. Game and Watch has created some new healing items by now.”

“If he hasn’t, then I’ll heal in a chamber,” replied Tabbu. “In the meantime, you prepare to make more subspace bombs.”

“Yes, my lord, I’ll have them prepared to work once you have been regenerated,” The Ancient Minister said. “Oh, and I forgot to mention something.”

“What is it?” asked Tabbu.

“The bomb going to Mario’s world is almost finished to be deployed,” replied The Ancient Minister.

Tabbu smiled. “Good to know that will be the first world to claim first.” Tabbu grabbed the Ancient Minister and teleported them back to base.

“(I have to keep going with him.)” The Ancient Minister thought to himself. “(I hope this plan from Master Hand is going to work. But for now, I have to focus on my task in his army. I’ll be waiting for the chance to rebel once all the preparations are ready.)

Music stops

The Saga


-Real World-

Behind the scenes of the battle with Master Hand and Crazy Hand and Tabbu was the real world. Everything was peaceful. 

It was sunny outside, and most people were doing fun stuff outside. But for one teenager, he was staying in his room. He was lying on his bed with his phone playing music.

His eyes were closed as he focused on the music and its lyrics.

“Memories consumed like opening the wounds. I’m picking me apart again. You all assume I’m safe here in my room unless I try to start again. I don’t want to be the one the battles always chose. ‘Cause inside I realize I’m the one confused. I don’t know what’s worth fighting for or why I have to scream. I don’t know why I instigate And say what I don’t mean. I don’t know how I got this way. I know it’s not alright. So I’m breaking the habit, I’m breaking the habit tonight.” 

My name is Kuroda Koutarou, a weird name I know right. It is Japanese, but I’m not Japanese. My father picked that name for me and my mother saw it as okay. I asked my dad why he chose this name for me, but all he told me was that it was from one of his favorite *anime*. To be specific, it was the main protagonist’s name. Anyways with my name out of the way, I’m currently residing in the United States. I live in the country of Texas in Laredo. It can get hot here in the summer, so that is like the only bad part about it.

I have black hair, and I’m 5’4. I have dark brown eyes. I’m Hispanic, but I don’t speak Spanish that well. I don’t have a lot of physical body strength, but I make up for it with my intelligence.

I currently live alone because my parents decided to go on vacation without me. But I don’t care. It’s not like the vacation would make me happy.

They left me money to take care of myself, but I never really use it. I never go outside that much. Most of the time, I do is because of my pug needs to go to the bathroom.

Hopefully, you got all that, but you’ll probably forget. I won’t blame you if you do forget because this doesn’t sound like important information.

Koutarou stood up from his bed and got his phone. He paused the music and looked at the time. “(3:46. I guess I can at least buy something with this money my parents gave me.)” He thought, putting his hand in his pocket and reaching for his parents’ money.

“Let’s see they gave me three hundred dollars, so… what can I buy with that?” Koutarou mumbled to himself. “I guess I can buy a video game with it. But for what system?”

Koutarou looked over at his TV. A couple of systems were there. A Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and a Wii. “Those systems are fun and all, but they get a bit boring after a while,” Koutarou said. He looked at the games he had for his systems. He had twenty for the Playstation 4, ten for the Xbox One, two for the Nintendo Switch, and one for the Wii. He did have a second game for the Wii but it was just Just Dance. “(Screw Ubisoft for trying to make me dance,”) Koutarou thought.

Koutarou looked at his one Wii game. “Super Smash Bros Brawl. I haven’t played this in a long time,” he said. Koutarou got the case and opened it. The manual was still there, but the game wasn’t. Koutarou’s eyes widened. “Wh-wh-where is the game!” he yelled.

Koutarou checked near where the systems and games were. That place was filled with dust, which was mostly on the consoles except for the switch. Koutarou checked every case to make sure he didn’t put it in another one. Every case had their game inside, with Smash Bros Brawl nowhere to be found. Koutarou was a little sad, his favorite game he played forever before Smash 4 and Ultimate came out was lost.

“I guess I can play my virtual console games on my Wii,” Koutarou said sadly. He moved to his Wii and turned it on then turned his TV on. He switched the output to HDMI 1. The familiar Wii menu appeared. “Wai-wait what!?” Koutarou was confused. The section on where a game that has been inserted in the Wii in a disc was full. It had Super Smash Bros Brawl inside the Wii. Koutarou face palmed himself. “(Stupid idiot,)” he thought to himself. 

Koutarou grabbed the Wii remote and lifted his hand in the air, and began to move it. The sensor bar was on top of the TV since there was no room on the bottom where the consoles were. Koutarou selected Smash Bros Brawl, and a loud noise was made from the TV. Koutarou flinched. “Jesus… I forgot it made that loud sound,” he said.

Koutarou selected start, and the game began loading. “Now time to wait,” he mumbled. Koutarou waited for one minute… the game didn’t start. He waited for three… it didn’t start. “(What is with this load time,)” Koutarou thought. After Koutarou thought that the game loaded. “Wow,” Koutarou said sarcastically.

The game was playing its opening, but Koutarou skipped it by pressing start. “I just want to begin the game,” he mumbled. 

The menus appeared on the TV. They each had different colors and sizes. The main one was Group. Its color was red, and it was where you could fight your friends ( or computers) with Nintendo characters. Koutarou selected it, and more options appeared. Brawl, Rules, Special Brawl, Rotation, Tourney, and Names.

Koutarou ignored all of them except for Brawl. He picked it, and it showed him all the list of characters in the game. There were thirty-five characters in the game ranging from Mario being the first and Sonic being the last character.

Koutarou smiled. “It’s almost a shame that this looks small in comparison to Ultimates seventy-four character roster. But… I want to see one thing.” Koutarou exited Group and went to the second main menu option Solo. In this option, you can play Classic Mode, a mode where you pick a character and fight random fighters. In the end, you face Master Hand in the final fight. Training mode is to train. All-star mode is where you fight every character with one fighter with some healing items. And there is the Subspace Emissary, the adventure mode.

“I don’t think I remember beating it,” Koutarou said as he selected it. There was a save slot that had three hours in it. “It seems I never put that much time into it. I guess I can start a new game.”

Koutarou went to the second save slot and started a new game. It began to load. “Great now, I have to wait again,” he muttered, waiting for the game to load.

But then his Wii turned off without explanation. Koutarous face was one of confusion. “Wh-what...just happened?” he asked himself. Koutarou put down his Wii Remote and went to his Wii. He put his hand on top of the Wii. “It doesn’t seem like it’s hot.” Koutarou took his hand off the Wii and pressed the power button.

The Wii didn’t turn on. A sense of shock came onto Koutarou. “(D-did I break the Wii,)” he thought, covering his face with his hands. But then a loud noise started coming from the Wii. Koutarou removed his hands from his face and looked at the Wii.

He could see as a purple light begins to emit from where you insert a disc. Koutarou backed up from the Wii. He saw as the Wii started to shake violently, and Koutarou grabbed a pillow and put it in front of him. “(I have a possessed Wii!)” he thought breathing fast.

Koutarou didn’t think of looking back at his Wii; he looked at the wall behind him. A flash of light came from the Wii, and Koutarou felt a massive thud in his room. “What was that?” he muttered. Koutarou took a peek from behind his pillow and saw a huge pair of hands.

“T-Thank you, brother; it was foolish of me to go straight for him.” Koutarou returned behind his pillow. “(Did I just hear a voice? No, no, no, that’s impossible,)” he thought. “(Still where did those two giant hands come from?”)

“T-think more c-carefully next time b-brother. Good thing I did it in time, or you would be dead.”

“Yes, thank you, brother, for that.”

“H-hey, I think we m-made it to his home. W-what was his n-name again? Kou, Kou, something.”

“I believe it was Koutarou, and he is right behind that pillow.” Koutarou froze after he heard that. “(I’m screwed to whoever this person is looking for me,)” he thought. One of his hands began to shake. Koutarou felt the pillow move and fell on his bed. “(I’m dead!), he thought.

But instead of dying, Koutarou saw a huge pair of hands floating in the air. One was hovering above him doing nothing but holding the pillow Koutarou had. The other was looking at Koutarou moving his fingers like a crazy person. Koutarou recognized these pairs of hands. “(W-wait a minute are these Master Hand and Crazy Hand?)” Koutarou thought. The second hand grabbed Koutarou showing him to his brother.

Koutarou began moving like crazy to get free. However, the hand had a good grip on him.

“Him?” he asked his brother.

“Yes, good job,” his brother replied. The hand began to laugh a little, and so did his brother.

“(What in the world is happening!)” Koutarou thought as he kept trying to become free from the crazy hand.

To Be Continued...

World 1. What is this a world from a Mario game?” Koutarou asked sarcastically.

“What?! How did you guess?” asked Master Hand, surprised.

“H-he probably used a ch-cheat code to see the a-answer,” suggested Crazy Hand.

“Wait, those exist?” said Koutarou surprised. “How?! Tell me!”

“We probably should’ve kept our mouths shut,” whispered Master Hand to Crazy Hand.

“W-wait? I th-thought we didn’t have m-mouths,” replied Crazy Hand.

“(Oh my god.)” thought Master Hand disappointed in Crazy Hand.

Do you want to save your data?


Creating new file data…

-Koutarou’s Room-


And the first chapter of this story is complete. I think it is a good start to the story.

However, how good the start of the story is up to you, the reader. I humbly thank you for reading this first chapter of this story. 

I encourage all readers and writers who read this chapter to review.

“But no, seriously, how do I get cheat codes!” Koutarou asked eagerly.

Just shut it Koutarou, they don’t exist.


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