The Subspace Emissary: Prologue Read Count : 12

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Subspace is a realm between the worlds. It’s all darkness and nothing can escape it. Once you leave you can never come out of it. Not even the ruler of subspace can exit the abyss of darkness. But...Tabbu, the ruler, thought of something.

In subspace, he wanted to rule every world. He couldn’t exit it so why couldn’t he bring them inside subspace. Tabbu created these bombs with the help of the Ancient Minister. Now the Ancient Minister is the second in command of Tabbu’s army. The bombs when they detonate will cover the entire world in subspace. Making it a part of subspace that Tabbu can rule over. All the people in that world will never go back to living normally.

We mentioned this army of Tabbu, so the main thing is that Tabbu can make these things called “shadows” (Not like Persona.) These shadows can turn into anything and gets their physical power and magic power. And the leader of the army goes by the name of Mr. Game and Watch.

Master Hand, the creator of the worlds and every person living in it, heard of this and got his brother Crazy Hand. Crazy Hand was as his name said crazy but Crazy Hand would never harm anybody if they were good. He sounded crazy but he wasn’t sorry to mislead you.

Master Hand went into subspace with his brother (They were the only ones that could leave it.) They confronted Tabbu about this. Tabbu told them everything about his plot to take over every world. He called it “perfect” in his opinion. Master Hand gestured to his brother. Crazy Hand understood.

“S-So do you want to fight u-us?” asked Crazy Hand. His thumb and second finger began to move.

“Do you really think the two of you can defeat me?” replied Tabbu confidently. Tabbu looked at the hands smiling devilishly.

“We created everything even you, so I don’t see why we can’t take you out,” Master Hand said.

“Oh, just because your god means I can’t get stronger than you,” said Tabbu.

Master and Crazy Hand began to approach Tabbu both thinking, “We have to stop him.”

“Oh, so you’re approaching me?” asked Tabbu. Tabbu giggled a bit after saying that.

“We can’t beat the c-crap out of you if we d-don’t,” replied Crazy Hand.

“Can we stop with this JoJo reference?” Master Hand said.

“I don’t know wh-what you’re talking a-about,” replied Crazy Hand.

“Just forget it,” said Master Hand. “Let’s fight!”

“I’m ready,” replied Tabbu.


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