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   Most of you are aware of what candidate I support,  I think it's time I was public.mI Whitewind Landon hereby endorse candidate Elizabeth Warren. I have focused on this race ever since President Trump took office. I also think it's fair that you know why. Also note, I was skeptical and a bit uncertain to make first, but I feel my position is important.
   Above all, large scale corruption is a major threat to the vitality of our nation. If we focus on dealing a fatal blow to corruption it will benefit the people who are struggling the most. But this is not just about Warren's career, but her actions. Warren served as a teacher, law professor, and Senator. Each of her careers, Warren has helped stand up for what not only she believes is right or just, but is also willing to give ear to their words and suggestions. She has stood up for both worker's and consumer's rights across America. Even when some bills were never passed.   
   She has been misrepresented and slandered. A large number of sources including President Donald Trump are responsible for this. She has faced many challenges including gender discrimination and many issues, yet she remains strong in her will to lead the country. Putting these facts together, I have determined she is the best candidate out of both sides. She has represented the people, has the will and determination to follow through, and understands the big picture. So I bid you all a good night and race in 2020.


  • I completely agree with this, I was waiting for someone to make this, and you've done it, and it felt amazing to read this.

    Jan 12, 2020

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