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And in the end my love, you were my very best friend. 

& in all the years that are destined to come, 

There is no one on earth who was quit as much fun. 

For you have made my finger tips tingle and my eyes a weeping willow. 

You have made my body have a wiggle and my heart a fizzle sizzle. You have made my head spin and my legs hind. 

& in all the times you haven’t been mine, my heart has ached a thousand times. For I have watched you from a far, and continued to love you thus far. & if you simply never look my way, my heart will be shattered, and I will be blessed come what may. 

For life is just but a silly game we play, 

Fools and fiddlers trick us the same way. 

Believing until there’s nothing left, 

We make up our minds until our death; 

Made up of spins of the wheels and toss of the dice, 

& sometimes you don’t even think twice. 

For what is life with out a chance? A dealt hand. If I never played, your beautiful face would have never came my way. & even if you weren’t mine, you still stung me in the nick of time. You will forever be inside my head, and in that my friend, would be a tragedy all the end. 

My soulmate. 

The handsome face i would look for in a dark room 

My smile that has loved me 


  • Jan 07, 2020

  • Jan 07, 2020

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