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What makes me feel like I love you so? 

Is it in the way you say my name or the way you pull my hair up from my knees like so? 

Is it the way you wipe my tears and hold my hand so dear 

Or the way you secretly whisper “I love you” in my ear?

Is it your wavy brown hair or that sneaky devilish grin? 

Or maybe the way you make love feel like a sin 

Maybe it’s the mysterious dark eyes that fooled me once,

But fool me twice shame on me because the damage would be done. 

For you have me under your spell..and time and time again your love brings me to hell. 

What makes me feel like I love you so? 

Is it your gentle smile or your eyes gleaming a warm genuine glow?

Is it in the way you hold my hand? Or in the way you dry my weepy eyes again and again?

Is it our endless laughter at dawn before the day has begun? 

Or the joyful tears we shed from having too much fun? 

Is it in the way we play and love and make others envious? 

But oh my my how can we be so pretentious.  

For everyone sees what we see. 

A young couple in love my my, what a sight to see! 

For I love you for all these things plus millions more 

And if you trust me, my friend  I will seek through it till the end ..I promise you

To my very core. 


  • I loved your story it was grat I love love storys

    Jan 07, 2020

  • Very poetic; you have a very nice rhythm to this that makes it really flow

    Jan 07, 2020

  • lovely write-up

    Jan 07, 2020

  • Jan 09, 2020

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