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Life will give hardest of battles
It will give you fake hopes
Hopes telling you are the best
People will come and go
They will tell you are right even if you aren't
When you lose none will come up
All will tell it was all your fault
You will wander amongst your own defeats
Curling up behind your own shadows
You, your self need to stand up again
It hurts to be a victim behind your failures
It hurts when your own mind says you are worthless
But you can't stop
No you can't
Life is hard but you have to go on
It is just like a ship in a deadly storm
If you stop, you die
You can't stop, no you can't
Wipe your tears if you can
But do not burn it away permanently
Get up and face your shadow
Rise and defeat your enemy
It is none but your softness
Defeat it but make sure it doesn't die
Cause without it you are nothing but a slave
A slave of other's words
A slave of the world's demands

Always keep your emotions alive
Though it breaks you down sometimes
Rose up and live for yourself
Be you. There's no shame in it. 
Be you. You will succeed


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