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Roise POV
       I watched stunned as Jackson went flying backwards. I didn't know how but I knew I had done that. he connected painful with a tree, he fell to the ground in a heap. Oh my god! He didn't move. Fuck was he dead?! 
      I rushed to him, rolling him onto his back. 
"Jackson." I said unable to hide my fear. "Jackson." I cried again shaking him. His eyes flew open, filled with fear. 
"Oh Rosie what had you done." he said gently cupping my cheek. 

    My body started shaking, I frowned and looked down. No not my body... the fucking ground was shaking! My fearful eyes collided with Jackson's knowing but scared ones. Did he know what had happened and why?
"Rosie, I know I am asking alot right now but I need you to trust me and stay behind me... please do not run Rosie. Please." he begged. I got the sense my life depended on how I reacted. Jackson painfully got to his feet. He looked back and gently took hold of my hand drawing me close to him... almost protectively. 
     In a flash of bright light we were no longer alone. People surrounded us. I felt myself drew closer to Jackson... like he was my lifeline. 
"You disobeyed your orders Jackson." one said stepping forward. 
to be continued....
sorry it's short


  • wow this is amazing, i would really enjoy it if you cintinued writing

    Jan 07, 2020

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