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Long story short it took 5 yrs to build and 5 weeks to destroy. Crazy ass shit life is I can say that much you never know when everything you ever knew is just gonna no longer be and your entire world your entire existence just falls from beneath you leaving the shell of a person you used to be looking at yourself as if in a mirror knowing its not you .knowing it has to change but not being able to do anything but sit there and continue to watch you destroy yourself from  within. Every ounce of what's left of your sanity fighting the overwhelming desire to just throw in the towel and quit. In the blink of an eye .a spur of the moment decision .a harsh slip of the tongue can uproot all you believed to be true. Actions can't be taken back and things can never be unsaid. You get scared you lash out .hurt you bite back and in the end it all boils down to pride and ego running the show and boom game over no more lives .like always you find yourself scared and alone with no place to call reminds you Nothing is set in stone. Another hard lesson learned has just been grown. Another bridge just been blown


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