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   My father told me this tale many times. About the elemental tribes, and the Guardians of each one. In the beginning of our world called Earth, were three guardians. Each one was a guardian of an element. You have Forn, who is the Guardian of Fire, Wonin the Guardian of water. And lastly, Drutic the Guardian of the Forest. Forns tribe lives down in the deep depths of hell, while Wonin lives down in the ocean and of course Drutic lives in the woods. The three of them were friends, but more like siblings. Earth was at peace, it was one huge colony and the three elemental tribes were together as one. No one cared if you were a fire wizard or witch, back then no was was as racist as they are now. The problem started with Forn great grandson, Firn, he hated the fact that he had to live in such an ugly place. He wanted to come above and love among the water and forest tribe. However every plant, animal and tree turned to ashes once he placed his finger upon it. He grew angry by the second, and it made it worse when Wanin the granddaughter of Wonin, and Duta the grandson of Drutic, told him to go back down to the underworld. That he did not belong up here, he belonged in hell and if he stayed above, the entire world would burn. Firn thought, if I can't live in a beautiful place like this, then neither can they. He gathered his armies and brought them above, then he attacked our people. After a 100 years of war between the tribes, Wanin decided she couldn't lose anymore of her people. So she left Duta to fend for himself, and he didn't back down surprisingly. For the next thousand years the Forest and Fire tribe were at war. You would've thought the fire tribe would've won by now, but the Guardians canceled each other out, they both had equal power. Neither of them could defeat the other, but one day that all changed, and it starts the with Princess Cypress. 


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