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I remember the first time.
I was taken by surprise every time
For a while.
I remember knowing that it wasn't right,
But not wanting to let it go
What's deep within his being was so beautiful
And there is an excruciating sorrow coursing through his vains 
Peeking through the smooth skin of his forearms and I love him
There is a breathtaking glow that radiates from his body, 
Burning with reliable passion and care for everyone that he cares for
And I love him
He is happiness, sadness, love, hate, pride, beautifully real and raw
I think so, but I forgot 
A little bit at a time, year after year
I became ignorant of all that I once knew
Oblivious that this is not the way a human being should be loving
I lost my mind, took too many pills too many times 
But the Universe wanted me to live
And the world is trying to help me see...
It's okay to love someone, it really is
But not everyone is good
And if they are good, they might not be just for you
If he doesn't compliment who you are
You do not compliment who he is
You cannot mend together puzzel pieces of yourself into him
You cannot overlap your pieces and fill in the holes with a hot glue gun.
If it doesn't fit, it's going to hurt
For a long ride
And it is going to end so tragically.
Please let go, pretty girl
Remember all that you've forgotten
Find the most important thing that you have lost by giving up what should not be.
The rest can come together
There will always be a pothole on this long swirling highway
But it will come back together
Trust YOU
Nobody can tell you who you are
Even if they know you more than you know yourself
Trust yourself
Just do it.


  • Jan 06, 2020

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