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    His eyes opened, he couldn’t sleep. He had been laying there for a hour or so. He felt the warmth of the person beside him. It was one of the few friends with benefits he had, he usually ended up having a different girl every night. She called him up and he couldn’t think of a reason to say no. His life was just full of partying and women. It wasn’t the life he wanted but his friend always dragged him along.
    His throat was dry, it tended to be like that after a night of drinking and sex. He gently pulled his arm out from under the woman, she stirred and grabbed his hand.
    “You not leaving to go fuck someone else, are you?” she said.
     He chuckled. “No just getting some water.”
She let go of his arm. “hurry back or I’ll get too cold.”
     He got up and grabbed a pair of shorts from the floor. His clothes ended up on the floor more often than not. He was always scolded by the woman in his bed about it. If it wasn’t for her he would be a complete slob. 
     He left the room and headed towards the kitchen. They usually kept the stove light on so you could see a little bit. He saw a shadow go across the wall. Someone was in the kitchen, might be his roommate/best friend.         He walked into the kitchen and saw a woman, she was standing in front of the microwave. The kitchen was way bigger than he cared for but Luke chose the apartment. It had a huge island in the middle with a sink in it. The room was big enough for there to be a 8 person rectangular table in the attached dining room. She must be warming something up. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was in a pair of blue lace panties and a white tank top.
     He walked over to the stainless steel fridge and when he opened it, she turned around. That let him see her front side. She had a beautiful face with full lips. Her breasts were almost to big for her slender build. His eyes met her emerald green ones.
     “Luke told me his roommate was gorgeous, but damn your hot.” She said. 
     “Thank you. I’m Aidan.” He said. 
     “I’m Lindsey.” She said.
      He grabbed a bottle of water and closed the fridge. The microwave beeped and she took whatever she had in it out. It was a cup of something, he assumed it was coffee from the aroma in the air. He opened the bottle of water and drank the whole think in one go.              Even after that his throat still felt dry. He grabbed another bottle of water and downed it too. He could feel that he drank too much. His eyes looked back over to the mystery woman and she was staring at him.
      “You know it’s rude to stare.” Aidan said dropping the two bottles in the recycling bin in the corner if the kitchen. 
      “Sorry can’t help it. You are just too hot, it is kind of turning me on.” Lindsey said as she set her cup on the counter and moved towards him. 
      Once she got to him she placed her long feminine fingers against his left pec. Aidan was in amazing physical condition. He had well defined muscles covering his body. She was about a foot shorter than him. Her head came up to about his chin. He took her hand by the wrist and removed it. He felt her trying to resist but he was certainly stronger than her. 
     “I rather you not touch me.” He said looking her in the eyes. 
     “You are far to hot for me not to have sex with.” She pressed her body into his. 
      He could feel her nipples through her tank top. He released her wrist and grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing her back. She went far enough back to bump into the island. 
      “What the hell asshole!” she exclaimed.
      “I told you not to touch me.” Aidan replied.
       He grabbed another bottle of water and went back to his room. He didn’t like people just unnecessarily touching him. It wasn’t that he was a germaphobe but it just made him feel uncomfortable. He has had many girls treat him like he was an object. He made it back to his door and he saw Luke.
     Luke’s room was right across the hall from Aidan’s. Luke was comparable to Aidan in looks but had a leaner build. As Aidan had a body builder’s look, Luke looked like a professional swimsuit model. He was a few inches taller than Aidan too.
     “You need to take care of that Lindsey girl. She doesn’t take no for an answer.” Aidan said.
     “Sorry mate. I didn’t know you were actually here.” Luke said.
      Luke and Aidan were like brothers, they always had each other’s back. From what Aidan just told Luke, Lindsey won’t be coming back anytime soon. The two guys fist bumped before Aidan went back into his room.
      Aidan’s eyes adjusted to the dim light from the moon coming though the curtains. He still wasn’t tired and his lady friend was fast asleep. He walked over to his desk in front of the curtains. He sat down at it and opened his laptop. The light blinded him for a second. It lite up a good portion of the room. He looked over at his bed and his friend hadn’t woken up.     
      So he turn back to his laptop and looked at his audiobook app. Maybe listening for a bit would make him tired. He took the headset off the wall hook. They were bluetooth so he made sure they were connected before putting them on. 
      The book he chose was from an author he has been following the work off. He enjoyed the erotic fantasy the author wrote and the stories always kept his attention. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. He could here the creak it made and hoped it didn’t wake up his friend.
       He felt a set of lips pressed against his. He assumed it was the girl from his bed. He opened up one eye and it was her. Her eyes were closed and her hand came to rest on his chest. He removed the headset and pressed his lips up against hers, this caused her to kiss him harder. She sat down into his lap sideways while she kissed him. He brought his hand up to her cheek and he felt her shiver. 
      “Your hands on freezing.” She said against his mouth.
       He moved his hand down to her side. He knew from the moment he touched the shirt that it was his. She always ended up stealing the shirt he wore that day to wear to bed. Many times he would throw it across the room and watch her get up after they had sex to go get it.
       He slid his hand down farther till his hand was on her leg. She shivered again and bit his lip. He just retaliated by running his thumb nail down her thigh. This caused her whole body to shake and a soft moan to escape.
      “That is totally not fair. You don’t have any kinks I could use against you.” She said shaking.
      Aidan purposely never showed what his sexual weaknesses were. It wasn’t like she never tried to find them out but he was just too good at hiding them. He moved his hand up under his shirt she wore and ran his nails gently up her side. She moaned and kissed him harder. He reached the underside of her left breast and squeezed it. Her hand came up and rested on the back of his neck as she started to use tongue.
      What started off as just plain kissing became her almost mauling him. She was completely turned on now. She hesitantly got up from his lap. From the light of the laptop he could see her outline. She had an amazing figure. She wasn’t stick skinny, but had a fuller figure. She had an amazing rack and she knew he liked it. She took his hand.
      “We are moving to the bed. You have teased me enough and you are going to fuck me good.” She said.
      “Do I have a say in the matter?” replied Aidan.
       She brought his hand to her mouth. She licked his middle and ring fingers slowly before taking them into her mouth. She took them all the way to the knuckles than back, sucking hard. She was very skilled in doing it. She did that a few times than pulled them out. Aidan didn’t show any reaction, it was mostly just amusing to him. 
       She took his hand and pulled it down under the shirt to her crotch. Aidan could feel how wet she was. He moved his fingers slightly and she shuttered. He could feel her trying to pull his hand away. He would stop if only she said too. She knew he wouldn’t force himself onto her, that if she said no or stop he would.
       He curled his fingers up and entered her. This produced an audible gasp from her followed by a moan. She started to breath heavy as he started to slowly move his fingers in and out of her. He knew at the speed he was going, he was torturing her. She was all about the rough and wild sex, hair pulling and clawing. He deliberately always did things slowly so when he did let lose, she would just lose herself into the pleasure. 
      “Please just fuck me.” She begged between gasps.
       Her grip on his wrist loosened, it was more being used as something for her to hold herself up on as she rode his hand. His thumb came up and lightly pressed into her clit and that was the final push she needed. Her whole body tensed up as she hit her climax. His pace didn’t change, which caused her to moan loudly as she rode out the ecstasy. If it wasn’t for his hand, she would of dropped to the floor. 
       As she came down, the look in her eyes became more predatory. She was looking at him like a feral animal about to jump their prey. But that was just her nature, she was a succubus. Normally it would be the other way around with him begging for her, but her succubus powers don’t work on him. Apparently he had become like a drug to her, since he could make her feel true desire.
       “You are a evil man, you know that right? You are supposed to be begging me for sex not me begging you.” She said with that predatory look in her eyes.
       “Are you really complaining darling?” he replied.
      “The only complaint I have is that you tease me too much.” She said. 
       She pulled herself back causing his fingers to slip out of her. He knows she’d want to fuck in the bed but he wasn’t going to end his teasing just yet. He leaned back in his chair and brought his fingers covered in her fluids to his mouth. He looked her in the eyes as he lick his fingers clean. He could see that it just turned her on even more.
       “You taste amazing by the way Celestia.” Said Aidan.
      That sent her over the edge, she ripped off the shirt she was wearing. This gave him a view of her naked body. Her breasts were perky and on the larger side. Her stomach was toned with some muscle definition. He once told her he found girls with muscles very attractive. Her skin started to turn red as horns grew out of her head and her hair turned black. A pair of red demonic wings shot from her back as a tail came around and wrapped around Aidan’s neck.
        Aidan didn’t react as the extremely beautiful succubus’s true form came out. She told him that she had a hard time controlling her form when he was teasing her. The tail tightened and Aidan started to not be able to breath. Her eyes were pinned to his. Aidan lifted his hand to the tail around his neck and ran a finger down it. He wasn’t going to let her win. She gave off a visible shutter.
      “You will beg.” Said Celestia. “I am tired of your teasing.”
      Her voice held to remorse for her actions. Aidan got to his feet and towered over her. She didn’t back down; his hand came to her throat and he lifted her off the ground. He knew what he had to do for this situation, he had to dominate her. Her tail squeezed tighter and he couldn’t breathe anymore. 
      “You will beg.” Celestia struggled to say.
      Aidan was suffocating, he dropped to a knee as he became light headed. His hand fell away from her throat. Her strength has grown after ever night of sex they had. He told her he will always tease her till she was strong enough to stop him. It looks like the time has come. Her tail loosened.
       “NOW BEG!” She said.
       Aidan thought about what he needed to do. He didn’t want to reveal what he was. He kept it a secret for a reason. If he does reveal it, he would have to swear her to kept it a secret. He didn’t see any other way. The only reason Celestia always came back was because he was a challenge and he didn’t know she would do if she won.
      “Celestia! I will not beg for you.” Said Aidan.
      He got to his feet as her tail tightened around his throat again. The sadistic grin on her face told him she was enjoying herself. He smiled at her. He could see the look of confusion on her face. She thought she won, but that changed in an instant. She had a look of fear in her eyes. Her true form faded.
      “This can’t be. They are all supposed to be dead.” She said as she let him go.
      Aidan’s form changed as red and black scales ran down his sides and two horns grew out of his head. Large leathery wings shot out behind him with scales adorning the spines of them. Vertical irises formed in his eyes. He was a dragon. Dragons themselves were not extinct, but the kind Aidan was had been hunted down a few hundred years ago. 
      “Well I am very much alive.” Said Aidan. “I need you to keep this a secret. Promise me.”
      Celestia didn’t reply as she stared him down. There was fear in her eyes, he couldn’t blame her. His kind was not known for their kindness. They were bloodthirsty monsters, they killed for sport. This caused the other races to hunt them down to extinction. Aidan reverted back to his full human form and moved over to sit on the bed.
       “If you rat me out, I’ll have to be on the run again. I know what my kind is known for but I was a child when my kind was hunted down.” Said Aidan as he looked up at Celestia.
        The fear in her eyes faded and he could see she felt bad for him. She moved to him and sat next to him on the bed. She put her hand on his leg and looked him in the eyes. He actually liked Celestia more than he would tell her.
       “I was still young when your kind found my village and started to murder everyone. My mother hid me away as the slaughter started, so I was the only survivor.” She said. “I am afraid of what you are capable of, but you have never treated me badly.”
       She leaned up and kiss Aidan. He didn’t kiss her back, he felt she was making sure she didn’t give him a reason to hurt her. He pulled back.
       “I always want you but are you really okay with me after finding out my secret.” He asked.
       “Like I said you have never treated me badly, unless you count all the teasing. You know how often a chance to fuck your kind appears. That is never.” She said with a predatory smile.
        She pushed Aidan over onto his back as she changed back to her true form minus the wings and horns. She had a look of hunger in her eyes. Her tail slithered up under his shorts to his cock. He felt it slide up and down his length as he got harder. Her lips came down to his as she kiss him passionately. She wasn’t being forceful like she usually was. She was taking her time as she kissed down his jawline to his neck. Once at his neck she sank her teeth into him. A deep growl came from him. She released him but his hand came to back of her neck and held her there.
      “Don’t stop.” He growled.
       Hesitantly she bite back down into his neck. Another growl came and it was deeper. He was trying not to be loud, but his nature wanted her to hurt him. He was losing himself in the pleasure. She took her nails and dug them into his chest. This produced a louder growl, he clamped his mouth shut to muffle the sound. She pulled away.
       “So that is why you don’t moan, you growl because of your nature.” She said.
       “Yes.” He replied.
       He was trying to resist changing, he could smell the blood in the air. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself, he took deep breaths. He felt his shorts and boxers be pulled off. Her hand replaced her tail at stroking his cock. This was a more bearable sensation; it did not draw out his nature. That all changed when he felt the thick fluid hit his lips, it was blood.
       His eyes shot open to see blood drip from her lip. He licked his lip; she was toying with him now. This was payback for all the teasing he ever done to her. She smiled at him before leaning in for a kiss. Her blood was rich and delicious to him. 


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