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'Capitalism kills.' 'Money are evil' these are all excuses for Socialism failures. If socialist truly thought this, then they would try too find another way too communism, other then Socialism. I believe in an economic system called 'Unoinism' similar too right wing communism. The best way too learn about Unoinism is by reading the Unoinist manifesto 'the Unoinist manifesto' however this isn't about Unoinism, its about the failure of Socialism. 

Only moral arguments
Socialist only make moral arguments, you cannot basic your economic system on morals. When you make a moral argument, you can say anything 'My brother shouldn't be in jail for shooting people, because he's debilitated, and should be at home'. I have yet too hear a factual argument for Socialism, and any factual arguments are out weighed by the factual arguments against Socialism. 

Economies evolves based on the people tastes, and the problems in the economy. In Socialism everything is centralized, and the markets evolve in a similar way of the original theory of evolution, were it evolves too solve a problem, and get supplies. Capitalism is decentralized, and is similar too the current theory of evolution, were each creater has a certain gene, and the one best fit for a situation survives, and pass on its superior gene. 

Socialism pales toward capitalism, crisis that won't exist in capitalism country with less resources happen all the time in socialist countries, and small crisis that will end in less then a year, may kill a socialist country, because of other crisis that happen because of it. 

Post scarcity
The main idea behind Socialism is post scarcity, and too in order for communism, Socialism has too happen; however socialist countries never get post scarcity. Even Karl Marx knew this, and that there has to be peak capitalism. 

Pales too Unoinism
Everything about Socialism pales too Unoinism. Unoinism talkes about full automation, that can bring post scarcity, unlike Socialism were there is this belief it will happen, just not right now. Unoinism is decentralized just like Capitlism, and gives everyone wages. You would have too read 'the Unoinist manifesto' in order too get an understanding of why it pales in comparison.


  • Jan 06, 2020

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