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Constantly happening, the same way, same feeling, same surprise … surrounded by cold obscure nil underneath nor above. The feeling of a thick secret rope hindering her to breath, Striving to climb it, the more she hauled the tighter it gets on her anorexic neck, wishing it to loosen up at last. The sound of her inbreathing makes her feel conscious and speculating her existence.

She already knows what will happen after as it have been repeatedly chasing her consuming her more over time.

 Abandoned and left alone in the exact same phase, she has always fell in the same trap, firmed to learn from her mistakes, she was oblivious of the curse haunting her steps and the sable shadow leading her fingertips to regret the next touch. It’s cruel to always foresee the usual and it’s a burning sensation when it’s always a freefall to the depth. The damn curse is taking over her again.

Here is the prophesy, the infinite replay and restart, am still existing over there, the secret rope is finally loose and secure not worried anymore to falling underneath, I never knew what’s in there, I wish not know. Eternity passes and eventually something moved, intruders in my desolated space, I feel the presence of an intrigued soul exploring around from far away, I was in the back of beyond since a long time now, I try to make some sounds to attract and guide that wanted intruder closer.

I could see it finally the soul sniffing my attentions from distance, I totally forgot about the prophesy again and the curse is awaking up rushing to reach me, it knows where I am it won’t be long till its arrival. The beautiful fact of an intruder rejoices me… stay. A promise of forever and ever is all I wanted and had, the intruder soul reached to me and touched my face for the first time and decided to fully contain me, me myself I was yearning to. The touch provoked the curse’s specter that became more furious than ever, the warm intruder is trying to break into me, to free me from the secret rope he can’t see, at a time everything stopped in silence, a cold blow freezed the warmth of the intruder, I never could see his face lines nor his grimaces, but I felt it, scared, speechless and steps back … stay. I never could see the curse’s specter or knew about its standing and rising behind of me, the intruder drawing back, as I try to hang on on it I let go of the secret rope that sealed my neck to the last breath… stay. As I struggle to run behind the intruder, my face thaws as I escaped the secret rope, tossing my arm to catch my hope, stay. I fell a freefall to the obscure emptiness over again. As I fell down I looked back above and I saw it, it was there standing it’s eyes following me reading my thoughts, mocking my fate and sore, it’s catching me and gave me a forever and ever promise, lead me to its large mouth and swallowed me and gave me a rope to hang on it I was indifferent wherever it will take me, won’t be worse than where I was, a voice asking me to stay from the nowhere, I looked around to find it but am falling away from it and getting further every second, I had to catch that rope to stay. And I was there again .


  • Jan 05, 2020

  • Jan 05, 2020

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