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When you hear junkie you probably think, a person with needle marks stealing from their family and lying all the time. Now I dont know if you have caught this or not but have you ever wondered why most addicts have this need to defend themselves. People say oh we are just making excuses to continue our drug use. Well thank you Dr. Phil however we were talking about our relationship if you want to tell me how our relationship is effected by my behaviour things I have done and not your opinion of a drug addict please let's go. First and foremost let's talk about the lying. I don't make it a habit to lie. However if I'm losing my entire family because I'm using yeah I'm probably going to my and say I'm ready to get help. the next thing I would like to discuss is the fact that we don't like asking for things because we are asked a million questions and so we end up stealing. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter


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