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Death is not the end, its really the beginning. To you and I  it feels like a permanent goodbye, when really its a long see you later. Your footsteps  have surrendered to the ocean waves. Leaving us in a heartbreaking shockwave. Reaching out towards the subsiding tides  to you. Holding tight. Its okay says you as you slowly step from our view. Its not goodbye,its see you later. Later will seem forever  as the tears get heavier. We'll turn our face to the warmth of the sun feel its ray, radiate standing with our toes towards the waves. And we will know. Your goodbye  was not the end, just a beginning  of a long see you later  until we meet again at the waves of the beating ocean our toes in the sand a warm in our face  your love deep in our hearts for though you have departed  the earth your spirit is part of our soul and we know its not really goodbye with the tear in our eye its see you later with a footprint in the sand.  We will miss you remember, the warmth of the love that you are with our toes in the sand the beating of the ocean wave crashing against the shore. Its not the end, but the beginning of where you are.
 Be free,
But touch our souls when you know our footprints are in the sand. 

Forever loved
Forever missed
Forever remembered.
We love you Sylvia to now and forever fly high beautiful butterfly. 
December 2019.

Written by Theresa Gorey
2020 January.


  • beautifully said

    Jan 04, 2020

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