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-Clear skies it’s a chilly autumn night, she is her own worst enemy, she battles the thoughts she hides inside!
-Streams of black mascara running down her cheeks, she stares at the stars & cries, these thoughts will not subside!
-Dew Drop Fairy her voice cries out “What has become of my life?”
-Myself is the only one to blame, choosing my paths walking along some days wondering where I should go ahead & stick the knife!
-Self sabotaging she has 100% mastered her own art!    
-Dew Drop Fairy im  calling for help need to brake this habit 2020 new point to start!
-The older she grows she reviews & knows the better ways handling things & better way to go!
-People make mistakes its human nature just a life size game of tick-take-toe!
-Roll on the best you can not everyday is a struggle!
-Dew drop fairy you’ve blessed me with wings, wings to fly as high as I can
& strong enough to get to get me through the storms, Do you hear the rumble?
-Thank you dew drop fairy for being my voice of reason!
-This new year of 2020 my intentions to ease in!


  • Jan 03, 2020

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