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Young lady, I'm your father! You will become a lawyer and not an actress. It doesn't matter what you like, you'll not bring disgrace to this family I say. 

My daughter, you know how your father is, there's little I can do to convince him on your behalf, live with it okay, one day you'll be on your own,then you can make your own decisions.

Ha! Adiza, look at your big stomach and flabby arms, you don't dress sassy like I want you to. Isnt it enough that you've denied me your body because of your religious values? Will you deny me the right to attraction too? 

What do you take us for? Are you the only broke person on earth? Wise up and make money like we do, I don't care how. If you want to keep up with us, then you better be witty in the game. We can't be bearing the cost for your expenses so you can be like us. What kind of friend are you? 

Herh! I never expected this of you! You're an usher for Christ's sake! Now, you're supposed to live a life worthy of emulation, but all you do is wallow in sin! I wouldn't want you polluting the other members, your sins are too big for the church. 

(Everyone is wailing at the funeral)
She's the best daughter you can ever have, she could have been a great actress.
Oh! The only modest girlfriend I've ever had. 
Such a loyal friend, she always knew when to put us right. 
Hm. Diligence, commitment and dedication are hard to find in a church, but Adiza had it all. You hardly found fault on her.

Now the question remains;
Who killed Adiza


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