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You broke me twice

You made me learn to hate again

You made me lose so many things

Because I sacrificed my future just to be with you

You broke me twice

You didn’t even notice it

I know you will never come

I know all your promises were just words

Because if you really want

You should have made an effort

You wouldn’t disappear

I told you before

Do you remember it?

“Just don’t disappear and gone,

I think you’re not that type of person.”

Oh well, you didn’t say anything

And your action now prove it right

Thank God we didn’t meet in real life

Means I still have the old me with me

If we did, I’m sure you would destroy my life

Till I have nothing because I’m just your fav’ toy

You can always find someone else better as you want to

And me?

I would die I guess but hell no

It would never happen AGAIN

I don’t wanna die just for a person like you

I don’t want to waste my time even more

For something so vaguely

Just to please your fantasy

I want a reality

Not just a love that consumes my fantasy

I mean it

So I guess this is a goodbye 

I forget and forgive you before

I’m sure I can do it again.

- Vivian Lin


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