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Time for Sciencia's story.

Just like Dumbra, she was born on Pluto too.

In her family, everybody is a scientist, and each of them would assist somebody in Dumbra's family.

Sciencia was supposed to assist Dumbra,  but they seem to get along plus they weren't officially a warrior or scientist. 

It wasn't until after detention,  that they finally decided to get along as Warrior and scientist. 

At the school on Pluto, she is seen as highly intelligent and she started looking more like that, after she took Dumbra's potion because that potion she has to take a special liquid, in order to keep her smart.

To humans, it would look like coffee, but it's much more complicated than that.

Sciencia has a sister too, she loves inventions, but sometimes her inventions aren't always safe.

Just like her sister, Sciencia's experiments weren't always safe, each time they would explode, but it stopped once Sciencia started watching some sci fi shows with me.

Which brought a different point of view into her eyes.

Sciencia was very stubborn about rules, so it wasn't easy to get her to forget her mission and enjoy herself.

I had to come up with many plans to open her heart.

During these failed attempts, we were attacked by her sister, that was a vampire.

As her sister tried to come after Sciencia, I got in the way, and got bitten by that vampire.

This act made Sciencia see the light and realize that she is my best friend. 

Also, on Pluto when Sciencia used that potion that could make any object real, her potion hit a pizza, and turned her into a mad scientist. 

She was stopped by Dumbra and Kisa.

During the space adventure, Sciencia was the one piloting the ship.

Once Sciencia warmed up to me, she showed me more about the imaginary world.

She's still a wonderful person and enjoying every moment with us.

She also enjoys dating Dumbra.


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