My Imaginary Phases Part 3 Read Count : 12

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Kisa's story, she was born on Pluto 

Her family are all into fashion.

Kisa followed her family's footsteps.

At the school on Pluto, Kisa was known as a gossiper, she mostly would hang around popular imaginary friends, and she was very stuck-up.

That changed once she met Sciencia and Dumbra.

On Earth, Kisa would check all kinds of fashions and test them on me to see which one is the prettiest.

We actually got along fast, I didn't understand her love for fashion, but it didn't matter.

Kisa liked to smile the most, she would always be at the mall.

Shopping, and is working hard as a fashionista.

She sells her clothes all over.

Kisa is also a very curious person, but sometimes a little dumb.

She's a great person, and in a relationship with me.

I like to mess with her and see her get all angry after she realized I tricked her.

But, in the end we would be laughing with each other 


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