My Imaginary Phases Part 5 Read Count : 12

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Ahikho,  he's a robot that looks like a woman with two ponytails, wearing fluffy dresses.

He is always on a flying broomstick, he is smart, shows more emotion now, since he is dating Wolfie.

He also has magic.

This is all my friends except two.

Also, Wolfie's backstory is he is born in the forest with his siblings.

Him and his siblings soon separate from each other.

He would make plenty of friends, and one of them betrays him.

Wolfie became a very loyal person.

No matter what, he's by our side.

That's all, the backstories.

Now, to tell you about their skills, powers, and other things.

Dumbra has super speed, super strength, and a good leader.

Sciencia is a scientist, can control anything created by science, and part vampire.

Kisa is super flexible, fashionable, and lovable.

For their weapons, Dumbra's ax can turn into any other deadly weapon, Sciencia has a stick with a test tube on both ends , which releases any kind of chemicals.

Kisa has ribbons that are attached two sticks.

Wolfie's ability to turn into any animal is most useful.

Ahihko has magic and he is a robot, so he has that.

They use the most during missions, well they used to.

Another interesting thing is that when I was in 7th grade I made an imaginary friend named Kimi.

Kimi is my clone, she's like me the only difference is she is a Mary Sue and she has any power that you can think of.

Kimi has her own universe, where she is adored and is known all over the world.

Kim's origin is she was working on a science project, when she got crushed by a meteor.

The meteor unlocked a bunch of hidden powers.

Many people in her universe fear her a well as respect her.

Kimi is deadly as she is friendly.

Kimi will wake up early and use her super speed to travel all around the world and would get a croissant from Paris, France.

One of Kimi's favorite powers to use is lava powers.

I bet you're wondering how all of us started dating.

Well, happened in-between classes at school, a fan of one our imaginary TV show, showed us clips of moments of me and my imaginary friends acting like couples.

The more we looked at it, the more it made sense.

So, we gave it a chance, Kisa and I were paired up, as well as Sciencia and Dumbra.

We soon unlocked our true feelings and became official couples.

Technically, Dumbra are married. 

We enjoyed each other companies a lot.

Ahihko first had a crush on Wolfie, then they started dating.

They act lovey dovey toward each other.

Now, back to Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa.

Kisa has lovely blonde hair, and has a different outfit.

Sciencia has brown hair, wearing a white dress with a test tube hat on her head, test tube as a belt, and test tubes on her shoes as well.

They still have a good relationship as a team.

Wolfie loves gambling and goes out every night.


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