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      It's the year 2031, the world has definitely evolved from 2020, cities are swarmed with half robotic people, in the year 2028 doctors installed robotic parts into humans. We are now stronger, faster, more athletic, and have a wider range of capabilities. 2029, new systems were built into cars, they now function by themselves, and disobey the laws of gravity, now gliding a few inches above ground-definitely faster too. Then came 2031, present time, electronic and mechanical machinery/vehicles are now completely voice controlled.
     5 years later, it's 2036, the cure for cancer is now affordable for all people. Although we are half developed from robotic parts, besides our new capabilities, our bodies still function the same. Cancer was a huge problem until now. A cure has been discovered, and people are happy and overall healthy, one less disease to worry about means longer life for some people, even if it's only a slight bit. Besides us humans being half robot, fully functional robots, that are 100% scrap and metal, are now roaming around as well. Workers have been replaced by robots to work for us. They're built fully programmed with everything they need to know for every possible job, and are extreme multitaskers.
     Our world today is definitely much safer than it was as well, all houses have built in security systems. Key pads give you two attempts at the correct code before turning on alarms. Once the alarms go off, the installed security system immediately sends out a notification to the nearest police department, but in order to even reach the house, you must get through the metal wall with a finger recognition pad attached. If the finger does not match the owner's, the metal walls extend over the house blocking all the thieves, robbers, or other unauthorized presences, making the chances of an unknown identity getting into the house, or close enough to even set off the alarms, extremely low.
     2 years later in 2038, and all the technological and life advances have become normal to us. Crimes are rarely committed these days because of all the advanced security, but either way, there aren't many reasons for crimes. Past homeless people have been given free homes and unlimited food, destroyed cities, states, and countries, have been restored, education programs are now provided anywhere you go, and our world is overall a much better place than it was years ago. All people are treated with respect, and equality is spread for all. No one is considered better than anyone else, and everyone is generally happy. This is life in the future, which I had always wondered about many years ago.


  • Dashay Brewer

    Dashay Brewer


    Jan 25, 2020

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