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The screen opens with Justin in the living room, and his family have a banner welcoming him.

"Hello, everybody I'm back", said Justin.

The screen shows Kanisha with chains facing three wizards around three giant diamonds.

"Kanisha, you have one day to redeem yourself", said the guardian.

The screen shows Kanisha with her suitcase.

"hi, I'm Kanisha, is this the Russo residence", said Kanisha,

Justin drops his books.

The screen switches with Alex and Harper.

"I don't know, something is wrong", said Alex to harper.

The screen shows Alex with Kanisha in the restaurant, Kanisha is sitting down writing, and Alex is in her face.

"What are you doing here?" asked Alex.

"If you must know, I want to become a wizard again", Kanisha spoke honestly.

The screen shows Kanisha facing guys in black outfits,

"Kanisha, your time is up", said the wizard hunters.

Kanisha fights them and ends with her wiping her hands.

Justin sees Kanisha knock out the wizard hunters.

"Justin!" Kanisha gasped.

"You're a criminal", Justin figured out.

"No, it's not what it look like", Kanisha insisted.

"Why you do it?" asked Justin, referring acting like she likes him

"I wanted to have friends", said Kanisha. "I never meant to hurt your feelings".

In an alley, Kanisha is tied up.

"Kanisha", said a brown-haired boy. "You knew you couldn't get away from Galaticbot".

"We have to find her before it's too late", said Alex to Harper.

Justin and Kanisha hug each other, while the wind is blowing.

"Okay, maybe I do trust you", Alex admitted.

"Come here", Kanisha hugged Alex.

Kanisha gets nearly zapped by lightning.

The Russo's dancing in the living room.

Kanisha and crew talking through phone.

The Russo and Kanisha going to camp.

Kanisha is singing on stage.

Manson and Alex on a date.

Max meeting a young wizard Hunter.

Kanisha and Galaticbot faces each other, science vs magic.

The trailer goes black.

"I hope everything works out", said The guardian.


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