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It was ordinary day, I have Long black hair,was wearing a pink shirt, black pants, and white sneakers running outside, when I heard granny, then I went inside.

"Hey granny, how are you?". I said, as I grabbed a apple from the refrigerator, and started eating.

"Good, how was your walk?". my granny asked.

"It was nice". I answered.

I went upstairs, turns on my laptop, and closes her door, that's in my room.

"Wow, Sailor moon, huh". I said, then I saw purpe energy come out of her watch, and goes into her laptop.

By the way, if your wondering where I got my watch.

It was an ordinary day, I was walking home from school, when I bumped into a Twenty-year-old man with short black hair, wearing a white shirt, red pants, and black shoes.

"Sorry, wait mister you dropped your watch". I said,as I tried to catch up with the man, but he disappeared.

"Where did he go?". I wondered.

You probably thought I looked all over since i'm not a theif, and you would be right, but no such luck in finding the guy.

So, I decided to go home.

"What's going on?". I asked myself, as I went through a portal, while I was going through, my clothes turn into a blue collar, white shirt, orange skirt, and black heels as a anime character.

The screen opens with the Sailor moon english theme song, but this time have me in it with a magician outfit like tuxedo mask, but with a white skirt.

"Uh, i'm in Sailor moon. No way!". I exclaimed.

Then, the screen switches from the opening to space, where you see the beautiful stars, planets, and the moon, the episode starts with the narrator.

"A thousand years ago, our moon was home to great civilization ruled by Queen Serenity. Everything was peaceful until the arrival of evil Queen Beryl". announced the narrator.

"Ha Ha,Ha,Ha! First the moon shall be mine, then the universe". said Beryl, a woman with short red hair, wearing a black tank, blue dress, and black heels.

''To conquer the moon, Queen Beryl unleased the awesome power of the nega force. Although her world was destroyed, Queen Serenity's last hope was the power of the imperial silver crystal and the crescent moon wand''. said the narrator.

''Only this Crystalline wand can combat the power of the negaforce. Never let our enemies get them or the universe is doomed. But most of all you must protect our dear princess Serena! Understand?" explained Serenity.

"Yes". agreed Luna & Artemis, a white and black cat.

"In moonbeam crystals, the queen sent the princess and the children of the moon to the future on Earth. Their memories lost to them all, the queen's cat advisors, Luna and Artemis, must find the princess so she will at last be safe. And so our story begins!" The narrator announced.

The screen switches to earth in Tokyo,Japan, where Serena lives, and I was hidding in the closet.

"Wow, this is actually happening, but if it is, what do I do?". I whispered.


"Oh no!" Serena screamed.

"I'm late for school again! Why didn't you wake me up in time for the first bell?" Serena complained.

"I did, serena, three times. And each time you said you were getting up right away". answered Serena's mom.

Serena's mom have blue hair, wearing a white dress, an green apron, and heels.

"And you believed me?" asked Serena.

"Serena!" groaned Serena's mom.

"I've got to go". Serena replied.

Now, Serena is wearing an white shirt with white sleeves with a hint of blue, a red bow, blue dress with a blue bow at the end, and black heels.

"Aren't you forgetting something, dear?" Serena's mom remined Serena.

"What? Oh yeah. Bye, mom! See you after school! Why can't today be Saturday?" Serena rushed, but before she left she gave her mom a hug.

I followed Serena out the house, without being seen by serena's mom

"Hold still! I can feel it's tongue! I'm trying!" said kids in unison, messing with a black cat with a crescent moon on her head.

"Keep your hands away from the poor cat". I blurted, seeing the kids.

"Yeah, what she said". said Serena.

I helped get the cat away from the kids, and Serena pets the cat.

"Thanks, i'm Serena". greeted Serena.

"I'm Kanisha, are you okay, kitty?". I said.

So, I notice a strong sense of magic, which I could tell Luna could to.

"This girl and the other...I sense something". thought Luna.

"Could it be I have powers, but how?". I wondered.

"Oh! Great! Now, i'm really late!" Serena realized, and rushed.

"Oh! I better follow her, bye Luna. Oops I meant kitty". I said, putting Luna down, then races after Serena.

"Huh, I wonder who they are, and if their the ones i'm looking for". Luna wondered.

So, Serena and I make it to school,which is Crossroads Junior high,where Serena talks to her friend, Molly, the girl with short red hair, wearing a blue collar, white sleeved shirt, red bow, blue skirt, and black heels.

"Hey! Did you hear? There's a new video. Game out, I saw it on TV". Serena told Molly.

"Serena, you need more studying and Less TV. There's isn't any excuse for failing this exam". Miss Haruna informs Serena.

Miss Haurana have red curly hair, wearing purple jacket, pink shirt behind the jacket, purple skirt, and black heels.

"It would seem like Serena and me have the same taste, except in the studying department". I observed, then I sat down in a empty seat, where Miss Haurana hands me paper with A on it.

"Thank you". I said, politely.

"No problem, good job Kanisha". complimented Miss Haurana.

"I got an A, but I just got in this class, and it even has my name". I'm thinking inside my head.

"Oh, hey, great to see you again. I can't believe I failed again". said Serena, sitting next to me, then I observed her homework to compare it to my homework.

"Maybe, I could help you with your studying problem". I insisted.

"Great idea, and while your doing that Serena get your mom to sign this and return it to me". said Miss Haurana.

After Miss Haurana told Serena and I that, Serena flipped out.

(The screen switches to the afternoon outside the school, Molly,and Serena are talking, while I'm leaning next to a tree.)

"Chill out, Serena, it's just one lousy test. I not like it's the end of the world". said Molly.

"Believe her, having a calm mind helps with stress". I told Serena.

"Thanks for the advice. But you see if my mom see that I flunked that test, she'll ground me and cut my allowance and I won't get my new game". Serena explained.

"Okay, that makes sense". I said.

Melvin, a teenage boy with spiky hair, wearing extremly big glasses,dark blue shirt with blue buttons, blue pants, and white shoes appear .

"Hey, Serena, I heard about your me to be your tutor?" Melvin wondered.

"Sorry, I already have a tutor, right Kanisha". said Serena.

"Uh, Yeah". I said, feeling awkward.

"You're such a dweeb, Melvin. Besides she's coming to the mall,you want to come, Kanisha". Molly replied.

"Really? I mean, going to the mall would be nice". I answered.

"You're going shopping? What's more important than your grades? I didn't study and I only got 95. How will I explain this to my parents?". said Melvin, surprised.

"Do we care?" asked Molly.

"Maybe, he's right!" cried Selena.

"What? No way, a little shopping and you'll be alright". I comforted her.

"Right, how come we haven't met before". said Molly.

"Uh, i'm not good with making friends". I told Molly.

"I find that hard to believe". replied Serena.

"Great, let's go". said Molly.

"I saw some awesome boots on sale. We can get ice cream and shop some more". said Molly.

"Great, Serena any other choices". I said.

"Can we look for some earrings?" asked Serena, feeling better.

"Good idea! We can go to my mom's jewellery store; She's got some major cool stuff!" bleamed Molly.

"I could use a new necklace". I blurted.

"And I could use some new barrettes for my hair". Serena remembered.

"She got all kinds of great things. You two got to see it! It will blow you away! Diamonds, Ruby's emeralds; All kinds of stuff! Even some Rhinestones!" Molly told Serena and I.

"I love those!" said Serena, filled with excitement.

"She got lots of them. In lots of colors". Molly replied.

"Pink and purple". asked Serena.

"Well, purple is one of my favorite colors". I said.

"For sure". answered Molly.

"Then, let's go".said Serena, rushing.

(The screen switches to space to where Beryl is )

"The orcale says it's time to attack the other dimension to attack the other dimension to unleash the power of nega force!" Beryl reveals to the negaverse minions.

"Yes! Yes!" agreed the Negaverse Minions.

"Oh boy, not only am I hanging out with the heroes, i'm also hanging with the enemies. Remember, I must not spoil anything". I whispered, while looking and listening to Beryl.

"But to do so I shall require a great deal of energy. We shall get it from the planet earth. Jedite, present yourself and tell me of your progress there". Beryl explained.

Jedite reveals to have short blond hair, wearing a black and red suit, which is a Shitennou uniform.

"Yes, Queen Beryl. As we speak, my servant Morga is on the other side preparing to gather energy. The humans are weak and helpless and they will yield to our will and then nothing will stand in the way of the great mega force". Jedite told Beryl.

"Do not fail me, Jedite, I need their energy". Beryl demanded.

"Yes, My queen". said Jedite.

"Well, i'm going back to earth". I said, as the screen goes back to earth.

Back on earth, Serena, Molly, and I make it to Molly's mom jewelry store.

Molly's mother revealed to have pink hair, wearing a black dress, and heels.

"Come on in! Everyone's welcome. Make me an offer". Molly's mom proclaimed.

"Molly, what's going on?" Serena wondered.

"Oh no, somebody from the negaverse must be here". I sensed.

"Welcome Ladies! Here's your chance to own diamonds, sapphire..." Molly's mom announced.

"I don't get it. My mom is sure acting strange". Molly noticed.

"She's possessed, but I can't do anything, I don't have any powers". I thought, then I sensed dark magic, which makes my energy unlock.

"Kanisha, what's the matter?". asked Serena.

"Uh yeah... Just a little weak". I replied, then I notice morga revealing herself. Which made a strong ball of energy hit the dark magic.

"What is going on? My jewels aren't working". Morga noticed.

"That's not suppose to happen, maybe my powers are activated, but then what do I do". I said, then the jewels reactivated, giving human energy to Morga.

"I'm Morga, Loyal disciple to the negaverse, and my jewels will drain all your energy". said Morga disguised as Molly's mom.

"You done well, Morga. Queen Beryl will be most pleased! Feed the megaforce, foolish humans! Queen Beryl will soon truimph. Prepare them, morga for her triumphant". said Jedite, in the space, sending a psychic connection.

"With pleasure". said Morga.

"Does your mom normally act like this". I asked.

"No, mom I came to get my friends Rhinestones". said Molly.

"Rhinestones! Don't be silly, girls. Help yourself to some diamonds". replied molly's mom.

"Diamonds. I don't believe this".Serena reacted.

"Here, would you like to try on this ring". said Molly's mom, as she handed it to me.

"Thank you". I said, but I knew something weird is going ln.

"What's up with your mom, Molly! I've never seen her like before". asked Serena.

"I don't know, but i'm worried". answered Molly.

"This place is totally wacko, Molly". said Serena, then walks away.

"Where are you going?" asked Molly.

"I think I'll take a nap before showing my mom my grades". said Serena.

"That might be a good idea". I said, following her.

"Okay. See you tomorrow, Serena and Kanisha". said Molly.

"See ya". I waved goodbye.

While Serena and I were running, Serena kept worrying about how she going to explain her grade on her test to her mom.

"Sorry". Serena and I apologized as we bumped into darien, a man with short black hair, wearing a black regular clothes.

"A thirty! Are you stupid or just incredibly lazy?" Darien insulted Serena.

"How dare you!Give me that! Calling me a meatball-head! still, he sure is cute". Serena complained.

"Mmmm...the first time they met awww!".I thought.

"Something about that girl.." Darien thought.

"Oh! The new sailor video game! I wish I could be like Sailor V! She's so beautifuln and smart! Some exciting is always happening in her life. Not like me Who am I kidding? I'll never be like Sailor V". said Sailor V.

"So you're going to take a nap". I said.

"Yeah, you could hang out, my mom makes delicious food". said Serena.

"Well, that sounds great, sure I love to hang out". I accepted Serena invitation.

At Serena's house.

"Oh hello, are you friend of Serena's?". asked Serena's mom.

"Yes, may I come in". I said politely.

"Yes, you may. Hold on Serena, how was your Algebra test?". said Serena's mom.

"Umm...Well". Serena gave her mom the test.

"You said you studied! You need to do? Go back to the library to study a test!" Serena's mom complained.

"Mother,no! Please, it's too late in the afternoon to study! It's bad for the brain!" said Serena.

"Oh, Serena, always trying to find an excuse". I said in my mind.

Back at Molly's mom jewelry store.

"Something's wrong. I feel very strange". A woman groaned.

"Mercy, me! I feel as if i'm going to.." said the woman, as she fainted.

"Momma, I'm scared! What's happening to all your customers". questioned Molly, feeling frightened.

"Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha!" Morga laughed.

"Huh, Momma!" said Molly.

"I'm not your mother, Molly dear!" replied Morga revealing her true self, as a hideous monster, which have short brown hair, black eyes, bony skin,and black dress.

Back at Serena's house, Serena and I are studying.

"Studying so hard is very tiring, all those books! It can't be too good for a person". said Serena.

"Come on, Serena, you got to keep trying, I know you can do it".I cheered.

"I don't know, this is making me sleepy. How does Melvin do it?" said Serena.

"I wish I knew". I answered.

Then I notice Luna, sitting on the bed.

"You, what are you doing here". I asked.

"Why, I came here to see you, Serena and Kanisha". said Luna.

"Whoa! This is really weird". I replied.

"Yeah, I have been studying too hard. If i'm seeing a talking cat". said Serena.

"My name is Luna, and I have been searching for you for a very long time. You are the chosen ones and I have been sent here to guide you on the path to your ultimate destiny. I wasn't sure if you two were the ones the first time we met. But I've been watching you and nw I absolutely know that you are the sailor scout of the moon. And you the sailor scout of the stars". Luna informs Serena and I.

"This is awesome". I thought, but outside my mind I kept cool.

"I'm hallucinating!" Serena blurted.

"No way! I don't hallucinate maybe daydream, but don't hallucinate". I said.

"Then, you believe". asked Luna.

"Indeed". I answered.

"Serena, Kanisha, you're friend Molly is in big trouble". said Molly.

"What kind of trouble?". asked Serena.

"Here". Luna gave them lockets.

"What is this?". wondered Serena, while I looked at my locket with surprise in my eyes.

"It's a special lockets for you two". explained Luna.

"Wow". I exclaimed, softly.

"So, how should I wear it". said Serena, distracted.

"Serena focus, this isn't a crazy dream, you have to believe me". I told Serena.

"She's right, your sailor scouts scorn to protect the princess of the moon, from the powerful forces of evil, and these lockets will help you". Luna tells Serena and I.

"So, what we do to convince her?". I whispered to Luna.

"To find out the truth. Serena say moon prism, and Kanisha say star makeup". Luna tells them.

"I must be dreaming, i'm just a kid, I can't save the world". said Serena, worried.

"Help me! Somebody help me!" called Molly.

"You hear that, that's our friend. We must help her, believe in yourself". I told Serena.

Serena nodded in agreement.

"Moon Prism Power". said Serena.

Serena clothes transform into a white shirt, white gloves with a hint of red, red bow, blue skirt, red boots, golden tiara under her hair,and on her ponytails red circles appear.

"Star power makeup". I said.

My clothes into a white magician hat, a pink shirt, orange braclets, white cape,white dress with a orange bow, and white boots.

"Somebody help me!" yelled Molly.

"There's no one to help you now, little girl". assumed Morga.

"That's where your wrong". I burted,confidently.

"Who are you?". asked Morga.

"I'm Sailor K". I introduced myself.

"And I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice! And I say on behalf of the moon, I shall right wrongs. And triumph of evil! And that means you!" said Sailor moon, full of confidence.

"Sailor moon? Sailor K? Never heard of you. And I'm sure I never will again. Arise, my children, and serve the great power that is the megaverse!" Morga replied.

Then, Zombies appeared, and chases Serena and I.

So, I uses things around the room to knock out the Zombies.

"Uh, luna a little advice would help, I don't know how to defeat zombies". I reminded Luna.

"One thing, you don't run away from the zombies". Luna told me.

"Okay, Sailor moon, we need to try to fight". I told Sailor moon, as I stop running.

"But I don't want to". cried Serena.

"Then, i'll send you away from good! Now who might be?" said Morga, but aa flower appears which stops her.

"I am Tuxedo mask. Sailor Moon, look into your heart and find the warrior within you. It is your destiny". said Tuxedo mask, a man with a black outfit, hat,cap and shoes on.

"Okay, luna what I do". asked Sailor moon, but before she could do anything the zombies try to attack again.

"Leave her alone, star spiral heart attack" I warned the enemy, then hit the zombies with a ball of energy surrounded by purple hearts,and stars, like a chain.

"Thanks Kanisha". said Serena.

"Your welcome, but i'm not enough to stop them, you have to help". I told Serena.

"Say moon tiara magic". Luna told Serena.

"Good point, Moon tiara attack". said Sailor moon, taking her tiara off and uses as a Frisbee against the enemy, which the zombies disappear.

"You did". I exclaimed.

"No, we did it".said Sailor moon.

"I shall return!" Morga retreated.

"What is the energy? Someone will pay dearly for this". said Jedite.

"You have done well, Sailor moon and K, and now Molly's mother and all the other women are free. Other will test you two. Do not be afraid. I will fight with you". said Tuxedo Mask.

"Thanks Tuxedo Mask". I said, waving goodbye.

"Is Sailor moon alright?". asked Luna.

"Yeah, she's just dazing, watch". I observed, then I snapped, my hands.

"What a hunky guy!". Sailor moon replied.

Luna and I groaned.

So, Serena, Luna, and leave Molly's house, while she's in her bed.

"Serena, Kanisha, you're not going to believe this, but my mom and I had the strangest dream last night that we were attacked by this hideous monster and that these beautiful warriors Sailor moon and Sailor K saved us!" Molly told them and other girls responded to that.

"That's great, but I'm a little tired, a long with Serena". I said, exhausted.

"Yeah, please keep it down". asked Serena.

The ending song starts, after pull energy comes out of my laptop and made my land softly on my bed.

"Wow, I wonder, if it was all a dream". I said, then I saw the episode I watched, but with me in it.

"Nope that wasn't a dream". I figured out.

"Well, I wonder what other shows I should go into or movie". I thought.

The end! or is it


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