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Theme song starts with Amelia spinning her rope, with the scenery of a library with the her name wrapped in nails.

Mona swinging on a vine with her name wrapped in vines.

Ditto in a science class, a firework experiment explodes, and his name appear in the firework experiment.

Cosmo is in a van wearing his sunglasses, holding a map, and looking at the camera with showing a picture of his name.

The rest shows them with flashlights searching in an ancient room, them dressed as egyptains and getting rid of mummies, them dressed as rain forest rangers having animals chasing them, them as the ghost busters, and many others adventures.

It was an ordinary day, and everything seems fine.

"Hey, where's Amelia?" asked Mona, looking from her book.

Then, Amelia zooms inside, with her rollerskates.

"Look,who got pizza", said Amelia, with a kazoo.

Ater hearing that, everybody surrounded her.

"You just went out to get pizza", noticed Mona.

"Oh no, I also went on a round the world trip with my teleporter", answered Amelia.

"Did you know France makes snails taste really good?" she asked, while eating a bag of snails.

"Sorry everybody, eating wil have to wait", said Ditto,walking . "I just got a message that some goons are causing trouble at downtown".

"I thought we're suppose to stop the supernatural, not crooks", said Cosmo.

"We are, the goons are gremplichans", Ditto informed them.

"Why didn't you say so?"asked Amelia with a serious face,

Then Amelia uses a ray in the shape of a refrigerator and puts the pizza in there, throws away her empty bag, and made it hover in the air.

The refrigerator lands on the ground.

So, they go into the van, with cosmo and mona in the front, and Kanisha, Ditto are in the back.

"Ok, Amelia what do you know about these creatures?" asked Ditto.

"These creatures are manipulative, clever, and the only way to defeat them is get their gold", said Amelia, while the van is moving.

"And to get it first you must go through the pit of alligators, the cave of despair/torture and last the maze of mystery", Amelia finished.

"That is quite a lot of information", said Ditto, while the others had shocked looks on their face.

"Oh, also gremplichans like to steal people's souls, so you must use their weakness, happiness", said Amelia.

"Is that it?" asked Mona out of curiously.

"Oh, yes", answered Amelia.

"Ok, ditto and Amelia you should go to find the gremplichan's gold", said Cosmo. "While Mona and I will distract the gremplichans".

"Good Idea, with the information Amelia has we can handle the quest",said Ditto. "and maybe I can find out more about Amelia's Past".?

"Oh! Then do have a story to tell you", said Amelia,

Amelia uses her ray gun that transforms into a panther, exists out of the van, and start walking.

"Good luck", said Mona, waving at partner Amelia with ditto riding on her back and they ride away.

"Ok, so what details do you want to know about my past", said Panther Amelia, while using her senses to find the gremplichans hideout.

"How did your tremendous power, and become the person, you are today?" asked Ditto.

"Oh, I was in a country maket, wen I saw something mysterious in the sky", said Amelia, while going through the aligator pit.

"At first I thought is a shooting star, until it landed on me, which made the radioactive goo break from the meteor, which mixed with my Dna", she finished. Then,they enter teh cave.

Meanwhile, in downtown the people were nearly drained of their souls.

"Come, come, one and all, and see the amazing disappearing bx as our first customer Cha ma son, a rich, loveable man who seems to likes folklore", said Gremplichan, wearing a green suit.

"Now, if you just walk inside the box", said gremplichan. so, he does it, he starts turning blue, feels weak, and disappeared.

At that moment, the gremplichans started collecting souls, and in the van, Mona and Cosmo find two red rings. Now Mona is a goth, and Cosmo is a clown guitarist.

"Welcome , everybody to the goth and clown show", said Goth Mona.

"Hmm, interesting", said Gremplichans.

So, Cosmo is juggling bowling pins, Mona acts deep, dark, and depressing.

"Justin, you do realize that you are acting increasingly ovewhelmed", said Judge mona, with white wig.

"I am, but it is only because 3d animation movie scarred me for life", said Cosmo, wearing a black suit. "it's just sad".

Back in the cave, Amelia and Ditto enter a mysterious part of the cave.

"Ok, we need a plan before that medieval guard comes back",said Amelia, glowing.

"Are you sure, that your powes are obsolete?" asked Ditto.

"Yes, but maybe there's another way to pass that guard", said Amelia, seeing a dress.

Amelia turns back into a human with the ray gun.

"you find an exist, i'll distract the guard", said Amelia, wearing a red cloth dress and makeup.

"Good luck", Ditto wished on her, while running away.

"Hello, cute guard",said Amelia, while cutter her eyes.

"hello, what's a cute lady like you doing here?" asked jon the guard.

"I'm trying to find my little brother, can you help me", said Amelia.

Back downtown, Cosmo playing the banjo and Mona is reading a poem.

"thanks everybody, now for our grand finale", said Cosmo.

For the grand finale, Cosmo twirling batons with fieworks at the end, while on a type rope on a ball and playing a kazoo. As for Mona was holding a black umbrella on a type rope, the clouds turning dark, throns coming out of the ground, broken mirrors floating around.

"so, what town are you from?" asked jon.

"So, do you think I could take a picture of you", said Amelia, seeing ditto.

Jon puts the camera close to his face.

"the lighting is wrong, how about you go in here", said Amelia, pointing to the next room,

Amelia locks the door.

"ditto, did you find the exist?" asked Amelia.

"yes, and I also found some ancient history about gremplichans, so how did your mission go", said ditto.

"It well, I never thought I find guy like him", said Amelia.

"Don't tell you actually has feelings for him", hoped Ditto.

"maybe, ok I got my all my technology in tack, but I might've developed a crush", said , blushing.

"Well, I wouldn't want to crush your emotional feelings, you can bring him", said Ditto.

So, Amelia opens the door.

"so, how's the picture?" asked Jon the guard, leaning on the wall.

"great", said Amelia, and explained in hand motion the gold has booby traps all aound it.

So, ditto with the help of Amelia's technology to get the gold, and avoided any booby traps.

"got it, let's go", said Ditto.

"so, would you like to meet tomorow maybe for a picnic?" asked Amelia.

"ok, It was nice meeting", said Jon the guard.

"wait, maybe I could help you with whatever you're doing, that gold is valuable", said Jon the guard.

"I would love for you to help, but", said Amelia, then she notice ditto is pulling on her pants.

"I hate to interrupt your conversion, but the gold seems to be cracking", said Ditto.

"uh oh", said Amelia, then throws the gold,

Amelia turns into a griffin with her ray gun, flying with ditto and Jon on her back, while the place is exploding.

"Wow!" Jon exclaimed, shocked and paused.

"Yeah, I'm a geek", said Amelia.

"It doesn't matter, I still like you",said Jon.

"Great can we go?"asked Ditto, snapping kanisha out of her daydream and they make it out of the cave and land near jon's house.

"i'll be right back", said Amelia, gives jon a kiss on the cheek and uses her superspeed.

Amelia grabs fireworks, uses her fire breath to light them and land where cosmo and mona are.

"hello everybody, i'm Amelia and today I have a surprise do like ice cream and cake", said Amelia on a stage.

Everybody nodded.

"well, may I present the ice cream and cake rain, with free bowls", said Ameliia.

The ice cream/cake fireworks explode, gives everybody free bowls and hands hands out ice cream/cake firework ice cream special.

"take care, bye", said Amelia, thenn turns to the gremplichans.

"i'm in trouble, aren't I", said gremplichan.

"yes, you are", said Amelia, holding a gun.

The gremplichan gives the bag to her.

"Light energy", said Amelia, then the bag releases the souls.

A few minutes after thev gremplichans leave.

At the house.

"so, what you mean to tell me, that Amelia, you, and the other people help this town, get rid of any supernatural beings",said Jon.

"yep", said Ditto.

"hey!" exclaimed Amelia.

"Oh, so I have gotten rid of the gremplichans", Amelia smiled.

"excellent", said Ditto.

"do you think I can join your supernatural team?" asked Jon.

"great, right", said Amelia smiling, and looks at ditto.

"Of course, the more the merrier", said Ditto.

So, it ends with them walking to warehouse, and the screen turns blacks.


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