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When world's collide

The screen

SpongeBob and Kanisha

This story starts with SpongeBob waiting outside his house, then Patrick, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs come by.

"What are you doing?" asked Patrick.

"I'm waiting for my pen pal", answered SpongeBob.

"Pen pal?" wondered Patrick, confused. "I didn't know, you had a friend that's a pen".

Sandy slap some sense in Patrick.

"No, you silly, it means a friend that lives far away", Sandy explained, with her hands on her hips.

"So, who's this pen pal, lad?" asked Mr. Krabs , while walking to SpongeBob.

"Kanisha. She's from the Surface Land", SpongeBob smiled.

"The Surface Land!" gasped Sandy, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs.

"Yeah! She send me letters on special days", SpongeBob told them more.

After hearing 'special days', they smile at each other.

"Hey SpongeBob, can I borrow your keys?" asked Sandy.

"Sure thing", said SpongeBob, giving away his keys without looking at her.

"Thank you", replied Sandy.

Patrick knocks on Squidward's door.

"What?" asked Squidward, after opening the door.

"It's time", Sandy whispered behind Patrick.

"Oh!" groaned Squidward.

Sandy unlocks the door with everybody in Bikini Bottom coming behind her, then closes it behind her.

"Wait! I have an idea", said SpongeBob with a lightbulb on top of his head.

The screen shows a story art of him holding an envelope tying to a ballon and it floating up the surface, and says "How about I try to write a letter to Kanisha as a thank you?"

"Yeah", SpongeBob snapped, then runs toward Sandy's house.

Inside the treehouse, he searches through Sandy's place by throwing her stuff out and finds a giant pencil, paper, and envelope.

"Oh! What a mess", SpongeBob noticed, then puts the stuff back.

SpongeBob spreads out the letter, and starts writing.

The screen goes to Sandy holding a clipboard and watching everybody.

Squidward hangs portraits of himself, Mrs. Puff made a cake, Bubble Bass gather members of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fan club, the teens put out party games, and all kinds of guests.

"Seems everything is working well, I wonder where SpongeBob went", said Sandy.

"Probably to meet his pen pal", said Patrick.

"No, pat, his friend only sends letters", Sandy tries to explain.

"SpongeBob has a pen pal?" asked SpongeBob's mom.

This surprises Sandy, then sighs "Yeah, he just told us today".

"Oh! What's she's like?" wondered SpongeBob's mom, with a smile.

"I don't know, that he didn't tell us that", Sandy admitted.

"That's too bad", SpongeBob's mom sighed sadly.

But, then Sandy sees the teens too rowdy.

"Hey! Hey! Don't do that", Sandy complained.

The kids start throwing cake, so Sandy rope them up.

"Oh! I hope SpongeBob comes back", Sandy groans.

The screen goes back to SpongeBob kisses the letter and says "It's done".

Then, SpongeBob looks at his watch, and says "Oh! I better go or i'll miss my chance".

So, SpongeBob puts the letter in the envelope and leaves the treedome in a hurry.

As he runs, SpongeBob sees the sun come down, and this makes him run faster, that he doesn't notice a wire connected to the letter.

The faster he moves the wires pulls and makes the machine inside the treedome.

SpongeBob see the wires glow, and says "Uh oh!"

"Where is? Huh?" Sandy wondered.

Sandy looks through her telescope and sees SpongeBob disappear like magic.

"SpongeBob?!" Sandy gasped.

Sandy runs to her treedome, and sees the wire sparking.

The sparks spreads around Bikini Bottom, this surprises the guests, Sandy tries to fix the machine, but instead the spark cause a black hole, which sucks everybody in.

By the way, SpongeBob and the Bikini Bottomites are human size on the surface like on the movie; 'Sponge out of water'.

The screen shows SpongeBob reappearing confused, then sees me as a girl who has long black hair, wearing a green dress looking at the sunset.

SpongeBob notice his size and looks at me, but ignores everything, then runs into my arms.

"SpongeBob!" I gasped with a smile.

"Kanisha!" SpongeBob smiled.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I'm afraid that was my doing", said Sandy, with her cowgirl hat off.

"Oh! and I got this for you",

One day, Kaque: a black-haired girl with a purple shirt and blue pants was sleeping in the living room, then a yellow sponge with a red tie, a white shirt, brown round pants, and black shoes appeared out of a time rift.

"Where am I?" asked Spongebob with his water helmet. "and where is everybody".

Then, Kaque wakes up.

"Hello", Said Spongebob, while waving.

"Hello,Who are you", Kaque greeted Spongebob, then she realizes what spongebob is.

"I'm spongebob squarepants, nice to meet you", answered Spongebob.

"Can you tell me where is bikini bottom?" asked Spongebob.

"I never heard of that, I'll check it on my computer", said Kaque, then searches on the laptop.

"Sorry, spongebob no match, which weird, spongebob tell me where is it located?" asked Kaque, then she gets out a notebook and pencil.

"Underwater", said spongebob.

"Underwater, does that mean you're an actual sponge?" wondered Kaque, surprised.

"Yes, what's the matter, never met a sponge before", said Spongebob.

"No, just people", Kaque told Spongebob.

"Oh! So what kind creature are you?" asked Spongebob.

"I'm a human, how about that a human and a sponge", said Kaque.

"Yeah, I wonder what my friends are doing", said Spongebob.

In Sandy's tree dome.

"Sandy, where's spongebob, he hasn't shown up for work?" asked Mr. Krabs.

"Last I saw him, I was introducing my new invention: the TT machine, it helps you travel through time and space, like that", Sandy remembered, while fixing her machine.

"Uhh!, sandy should it be sparking like that?" wondered Mr. Krabs, looking inside the machine.

"No, unless it's been tested", Said Sandy, looking inside the machine.

"Spongebob, must of accidentally, touch the machine on, which caused it to sick him to other universe", Sandy figured out.

"Well, what are waiting for, let's get him", Suggested Mr. Krabs, about to push it.

"Wait, there's no telling what would happen", said Sandy, stopping him.

Then, Patrick touches it, so the portal opens.

"Patrick, what have you done?"asked Sandy, shaking him. Then, the glitches in the portal turns into a black hole.

"Oh no, the glitches caused had a black hole". Said Sandy, then gets sucked them up and the whole bikini bottom like the main drain.

"It seems that spongebob is in this house", said Sandy, looking at her machine

"alright", said Sandy, knocks on the door.

"I wonder, who's that", said Kaque, then opens the door and sees sandy.

"Sandy!" exclaimed Spongebob.

"Spongebob!" exclaimed Sandy.

They hugged.

"Very nice to meet you, Sandy, maybe you can give me a better explanation on what's going on", said Kanisha.

"Of course, Spongebob are you okay?" asked Sandy.

"Yeah", said SpongeBob.

"Aww! They must be great friends, I hope they can be able to get home", thought Kanisha.

Sandy explains with a flashback of what happaned.

"If that's true, where is everybody else in this bikini bottom?" asked Kanisha.

"The explosion should'fve sent them all here, which means they got split up all around", said Sandy.

"Even patrick, Squidward, , what about Gary?" asked Spongebob.

"All split up", said Sandy.

"Don't worry, we'll find your friends" said Kanisha.

"Alright", said Spongebob.

Last scene is showing the city.


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