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Thw screen shows a girl who has long black hair, wearing an orange jacket, white shirt,blue jeans, and purple shoes, who is walking through the street, while holding a journal with a pen hooked to it a.k.a. Kiki.

"I got hurry up, my friends are waiting for in the park", said Kiki.

Kiki sees a boy who has brown hair, a baseball cap,yellow shirt, blue shorts, and white shoes playing with a basketball, then a ray heads towards him.

Kiki drops her notebook,runs to the kid, and the ray hits her instead.

Kiki notice a white aura around her, and she transformed her pants turn into a orange dress with swirled like a mermaid, her shirt turn into a purple long sleeves with the moon symbol and has white wings.

"What just happened?" asked Kiki, flying. "I have wings, this is so awesome".

Then, there's a robot attacking the city, and the girls see the giant robot from their classroom that makes their belts blink.

"Teacher, may we be excused", said the girls in unison.

The teacher not paying attention agrees.

The girls go up to the roof.

"Let go, girls", said Blossom.




They transforms into their super hero for and flies towards the city.

The girls see Kiki knocking out the robot with a martial art move, that makes the robot split in half,

"Whoa! Who's the new girl?" asked Buttercup, impressed.

"She looks familiar", replied Bubbles.

"no, time to worry about that, we have to help her". said Blossom.

"Uh! I think she is fine on her own", said Buttercup.

Two more robots come.

"On second thought", replied Buttercup.

So, Buttercup hits the robot with her hammer, and Blossom hit the other with her yoyo.

"Thank you", said Kiki.

"Do you mind, if I ask, What's your name?" asked Bubbles.

"No, I don't mind my name, kiki", smiled Kiki.

"Nice to meet you", said Bubbles, but the robot grabs her.

"Let her go", demanded Kiki.

"And what are you going to do about it", said The robot. "weakling".

"Weak. Did you call me weak?" asked Kiki, then summons a heart-shaped disk.

The disk destroys the robots.

"listen up, nobody calls me weak", said Kiki, tired, but angry.

"Ok, ok, ok", said Blossom, while bubbles and buttercup have the "uh" look.

"Don't go too crazy", said Blossom.

So, the girls go professor's lab with Kiki.

"Impressive, she was hit with a light ray, but her powers seem to have a stronger effect", explaining The Professor, scanning kiki.

So, kiki turns to her normal form, but faints.

"Oh my goodness! I knew she look familiar", exclaimed Bubbles.

"Are you going help me up, or are you going to keep talking?" asked Kiki, trying to get up.

"oh, right", Blossom smiled nervously, then helps her up.

"Thanks blossom", said Kiki.

"well, you are our friend", said Blossom.

"so, are you going to join to team?" asked Buttercup, feeling impatient.

"alright, let's have some fun", said Kiki, smiling.

Then it ends with Buttercup and Kiki having a little fight.

"But, i'm telling you who won", said Kiki, waving at the camera.


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