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This episode opens with the theme song, then the screen switches to Connor, Greg, and Connor cleaning up with HQ, when they find a picture frame of them as the superheroes.

"I remember this", said Connor.

"Yeah! It was the first day, we met", Greg remembered.

"That was an interesting day", Amaya recalled.

PJ robot spins around, showing that he wants to hear the story.

"Oh! I think PJ robot wants to hear the story", Greg figured out.

PJ robot smiled, and spinned again.

"Okay, a little story couldn't hurt", said Connor.

"Yeah! It started at the mall", Amaya remembered.

The screen shows Connor, Amaya, and Greg at the mall with their mothers.

"Pick whichever pajamas you like", Connor's mom tells him to Connor.

"Okay", said Connor.

"Cat whiskers", replied Connor, after he finds cat pajamas

Greg is looking at animal themed pajamas, when he finds a lizard one.

"Gasping Gekkos, it's perfect", smiled Greg.

Last, Amaya is reading a comic, when she sees an owl pajama.

"This one works for me", said Amaya.

Once each one of them touch their pajamas, they feel a sort of spark, and say "Whoa!"

At that time, they realize their right by each other.

"You're Connor, right?" asked Amaya.

"Yeah! Nice to meet you, uh?" answered Connor.

"I'm Amaya", said Amaya to Connor and Greg.

"I'm Greg", said Greg.

"So, you like cats", Greg figured out about Connor.

"Yeah! You like owls?" Connor ask Amays.

"Yeah, and you like lizards?" Amaya ask Greg.

"Yeah! A gecko to be more specific", answered Greg.

Five seconds later, they are talking over about their favorite comics, animals, etc

Soon, they become friends.

"Well, since we're friends now, how about a sleepover", suggested Connor.

"Great idea", Greg agreed.

"Sure, that sounds great", said Amaya.

"So, which house are we staying over?" wondered Greg.

"How about mine?" suggested Amaya.

"Sure", Connor agreed.

Greg nodded in agreement.

"Great! I'll go ask my parents", said Amaya.

"I'll go ask my parents too", said Connor.

"Me too", said Greg.

They all walk away and talk to their parents with smiles on their faces.

"Of course, you can go tell your friends, while I go pay for your pajamas and remember to meet me by the door", Connor's mom agreed.

"Alright", Connor agrees

The other mothers agree to the sleepover as well, which makes Greg, Connor, and Amaya reunite.

"My mom says yes", grinned Connor.

"Mine too", revealed Greg.

"Mine too", Amaya tells Greg and Connor.

"Great! Meet at five o'clock", Amaya decided.

"Hmmm, at five", Connor nodded.

"Five, got it", replied Greg.

"Well, since that is settled, I better go back to my mom, see ya", Amaya tells them.

Greg and Connor wave goodbye, then split up to join their mothers.

The screen goes Connor and Greg about to meet up with Amaya, while holding their sleeping bag, when they notice electronic toys are gone.

"That's odd", Connor analyzed.

"Yeah! There's a small robot right here along with the dolls", Greg explained.

"I guess they must've been sold", Connor guessed.

"I'm afraid not, kids, they appear to be taken", The toy store owner admitted.

"Taken?" questioned Connor and Greg.

"Yeah! Happened last night", The toy store owner sighed.

"Oh!" groaned Greg.

"Yep, I hope they are returned otherwise, the sale will be cancelled, and there will be a lot of unhappy children", The toy store owner wished.

"We hope the toys turn up as well", Connor hoped.

They continue their walk, and meet Amaya.

Once they meet each other, they play outside pretending to be superheroes and playing a game of ball.

"Wouldn't be amazing to actually be a superhero?" Amaya ask her new friends.

"It would be unbelievable", Greg's eyes glowed.

"But, what kind of superpower to pick?" wondered Connor.

"That is a good question, how about powers of the animals we like", Greg thought up.

"Like cat powers?" asked Connor.

"Or Gecko powers", Greg suggests.

"Owl powers could be cool too, at least for me", Amaya thinks.

"Would anybody like some snack?" Amaya's mom ask the kids.

The kids takes some sandwiches from the tray, and says "Thank you".

"Your welcome", greeted Amaya's mom, holding the tray. "Are you having fun?"

"Yeah!" exclaimed the kids.

"That's great", smiled Amaya's mom. "It's almost nighttime, you should probably come inside".

"Okay, mom", reacted Amaya.

Amaya, Greg, and Connor follow behind Amaya's mom.

The kids go upstairs, where they placed their pajamas and their comics.

"You know, early did any of you feel like some sort of magic, when you touched your new pajamas?" Amaya ask Greg and Connor. "Maybe there's magic inside".

"Let's find out", said Connor with his pajamas

"What is this for?" asked Amaya, looking at a watch that was in her pocket.

Greg reaches into his pajama pocket, then touches the middle of the watch, once he did that he turned into Gekko.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Greg.

"So, that's what activates our powers", Connor figured out.

Connor and Amaya touch their watches too, and transform into Owlette, and Catboy.

The kids are looking at their amazing costumes, when they hear a knock on the door.

"Kids, is everything okay? What's with the commission!" asked Amaya's mom.

"Sorry, mom, we were...ummm", apologized Amaya.

"Just playing superheroes", Greg quickly thought up.

"Okay! You have a late night snack, if you want", Amaya's mom tells them.

"Okay! Thank you", Connor nodded, even though Amaya's mom can't see him.

Amaya's mom walks away from the door.

"Phew!" The kids sighed in relief.

"That was close", Amaya pointed out.

"True, the number one rule about being a superhero is never reveal your secret identity", Connor remembered.

"Well, since we have superpowers. Does that we must protect the city from bad guys?" asked Greg.

"What bad guys?" asked Amaya.

They see a blast coming out of nowhere, so they head towards the window seeing Romeo turning toys into giants.

"Maybe him", said Connor.

"Okay, let's go", suggested Greg.

"Wait, what about my mom?" wondered Amaya.

"She'll probably think we're asleep, how about we put something in our sleeping bags just in case", Connor thought up.

The kids make it look like they were in their sleeping bags, then they jump out the window.

That's where part 1 ends.


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