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 the lost memory.

Timmy found himself lying on the floor with a headache.

"Oh, my head, what happened?" asked timmy, while getting on the couch.

"That's like I want to know", said anti- Cosmo with cookies.

"I was just playing the organ, when I found you outside feeling lost, and didn't know who you are or where to go", explored anti-Cosmo, sitting on the couch.

"So, who am I?" asked Timmy, curiously.

"Your a-". He was about to say the truth, when he thought of an idea.

"Are my godchild, and I have been looking all over for you, until I almost gave up", lied anti-cosmo.

"So, what was I like, godfather?" asked Timmy.

"You were a mean, sneaky, manipulative boy always love causing trouble,and I have a mission for you". Said anti-cosmo with an evil grin.

"What is the mission?" asked Timmy.

"I need you to get these items, without anybody seeing you", said anti-cosmo, In-between he gives Timmy a list.

"OK, can I have cookie before I go?" asked Timmy, before he walks outside.

"Sure", said Anti-cosmo throws a cookie, timmy's way and he catches it.

So, Timmy goes to fairy world.

Timmy goes to the barber to get fairy hair, next he steals a picnic basket, from a couple, while kissing and Timmy returns to anti-cosmo.

"Good job, god child, now let's have fun", said anti-cosmo.

"Now, what are to have some fun". said anti-cosmo.

So, they played the organ, send spiders and bats out to fairy world and watch the fairies screaming, while eating spider cookies.

"That was awesome". said Timmy on the couch.

"Yeah, it was fun, wasn't it". said anti-cosmo, feeling he never felt true happiness.

Each day it was the same routine, then two days later.

"Morning, godfather, pancakes", said Timmy.

"Had a good sleep?" asked anti-cosmo.

"Yeah, lots of twists of turns, but there was also this light saying your on the wrong path", Timmy explained.

"That's strange",Said anti-cosmo.

"I'm going to eat on the couch", said Timmy.

"Ok, I'll be watching TV in the other room".said anti-cosmo moving away.

on the TV the reporter said, "I'm fairy heart, and a few days ago, timmy: god child of Cosmo and Wanda disappeared after a weird accident happened, now Cosmo and Wanda still trying to find him, will ever find him".

"Hey godfather, i'm done eating, what's this, timmy that's my name, why is my name on TV", said timmy, waiting for an answer.

"Listen, I lied i'm not your godfather, that person with green hair is and that one with pink hair is your godmother, You belong to them", said anti-cosmo feeling sad.

"So, I have to got where I belong", said Timmy.

"Yeah, now go", Said anti-cosmo, heartbroken holding the door.

"But, I can't, I don't want to leave", Said anti-cosmo.

"I know, but you have to, for me and your family, go", Said anti-cosmo feeling pain.

"Ok, bye I won't forget you", Said Timmy and gives anti-cosmo a hug.

So, timmy sneaks his way to fairy world.

Then, Wanda sees him behind her.

"Timmy". Said both Cosmo and Wanda hugging him.

"Timmy, where were you?" asked Wanda.

"I was lost, but somebody took care of me", said Timmy.

"Oh, amnesia, come on, will take you home", Wanda figured out.

So, they left.

Three weeks later, Timmy went to the door, when he saw a nice basket with fruit and pancakes with a piece of paper.

Timmy read the letter: Dear Turner, I know that you probably have your memory back, but I wanted to send these, I miss you, hate anti-cosmo.

"Who's it from?" asked wanda's voice.

"Nobody special", said Timmy.

Timmy eats the pancakes.

"I do remember", said wanda's voice from a distance.

Timmy puts the stuff in the closet.


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