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Hello,anime fans, Kanisha the writer here, Today, i'm writing a special story.

You see i've started taking a liking to animes like Sailor Moon,Pokemon,Ouran HighSchool Host Club,Revolutionary girl Utena, and one episode of Black Butler.

So, to show my comparison for these animes, I will write a story about one of these animes, and it's called Ouran HighSchool Host Club.

Surprised, I bet you thought I would've picked Pokemon,Revolutionary girl Utena or Sailor Moon,well you were wrong. HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a laugh.

Okay,explanation time, you see I was watching,this video called the top 30 animes,and in it; I found this show.

Once I saw this show I was like What the Heck! What even is this? But,after awhile I grew fond of the characters,the plot line,and everything.

Right now, i'm watching the subbed version of this show and reading the manga, I already watched the english dub, and by the way; Loved it.

So,anyway, i'm going to take advantage of my knowledge of the anime and tell you a very special story about my favorite host club member: Mitsukuni 'Honey' Haninozuka, you can't tell me you don't love this guy, he's awwww!

Now,If you don't know the show,let me put it this WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!

No,seriously this show at first, was a little plain,I mean they literally pointed out that the club is made out of stereotypes,that girls love.

But,then I saw true beauty in this show.

Now,where was I right; this anime is about a person named Haruhi,who was trying to find a quiet place to study,when she found music room #3,the headquarters of the host club.

Now,I got to tell I see how everybody was fooled to thinking that Haruhi is a guy.

Back to the story, Haruhi gets introduced to the host club members: Tamaki as the "princely" type, Kyoya as the "cool" type, the Hitachiin twins as the "little devils" or "mischievous" type, Honey as the "childish" type, and Mori as the "strong, and silent" type.

This weirds Haruhi out,so she accidentally breaks a vase,that costed 800 million yens,so in order to pay for it, she must work as the host club dog or as you call errand boy.

Then, Tamaki sees potential in Haruhi. So, Tamaki makes Haruhi a host club member,that he would teach her.

Soon, Tamaki takes an interest in Haruhi,which makes his regular guest jealous,so she tries to take Haruhi down.

Long story short, it doesn't work, Tamaki kicks his regular guest out,and gives Haruhi some clean clothes.

While Tamaki sees Haruhi change by accident, which is when the host club figures out,Haruhi is actually girl. This causes Tamaki turns red with embarrassment,and Haruhi reveals she doesn't care about her gender,so she smiles at the idea of the host club.

Also,there's other people I need to introduce you to.

Renge Houshakuji is the Host Club's self-proclaimed manager who tends to be incredibly loud and outspoken.

Umehito Nekozawa is depicted as a hooded individual who holds a cat puppet named Belzeneff.

Ritsu Kasanoda is the successor to the third generation master of the Kasanoda-gumi, the most powerful yakuza group in Kantō, Japan.

I don't think I'll include the dad in this one,maybe next time.

This episode opens in the main office.

Two people enter the office,where the vice principal is sitting there.

"Welcome Host Club,I have a favor to ask you", said Zennosuke Kazam, with a smile.

The screen shows a title card,you can hear Haruhi's voice in the background saying "The shadows of the light".

The screen goes back to Tamaki's voice saying,"Only people with high standard and from filthy rich families can come here to Ouran Academy,the host club is boys with way too much time on their hands,also entertain girls with way too much time on their hands".

Back at the vice principal's office,there is a person who has a purple ponytail wearing a dress,looking shy,sitting in a chair.

"This is Kage Toshiko,I would like to show her around", Zennosuke Kazam asks. "And no funny business".

"Alright", sighed the Host club.

The new student walks up to the Host club,that's when everybody walks out of the classroom.

"You seem quiet,don't talk much,huh?" Haruhi noticed,this made Kage stop,then the Host club stopped.

"I don't like talking to others", admitted Kage.

"Why not? Talking to people is the best way to know them,especially if you like the person", wondered Tamaki.

"True,there's nobody here,that would ever possibly like me", replied Kage.

"You really believe that,what about your friends,that you had before you got here?" asked Honey.

"They go to regular school,Ironically, I don't social with rich kids, even though i'm part of a rich family", Kage admitted.

"Oh!" groaned Haruhi,figuring out what kind of person Kage might be.

"So, are you going to continue showing me around the school or not?" asked Kage.

"Okay", said Tamaki. "I have just the place,you might like".

Tamaki leads Kage with the others following to music room #3.

"Boss, do you think this is a good idea?" asked Kaoru.

"I mean normally,you would leave this room for last", said Hikaru.

"I changed my mind", said Tamaki.

Tamaki opens the door and says "Welcome to The Host Club's headquarters".

"It's just like my friends said, organized, chairs, desks, perfect. Maybe I should give these guys a chance", Kage thought, while looking around.

At this moment, the floor is shaking, the screen shows Renge showing with her hearty laugh in her normal school outfit.

"Well, looks like we have a new member of the show, any chance your going to join the host, or would rather be a loner", said Renge.

"Odd girl, but i'll admit that I was actually wondering, if that's the reason you were showing this place", said Kage.

Kage looks at The Host Club members and says "This place is lovely, what do you do here".

"This the Host Club, the place, where entertain ladies and we occasionally help people with their own personal problems", explained Tamaki.

"Any chance you want an demonstration?" asked Hikaru and Kaoru.

"No thanks, I rather, see the library", answered Kage.

"I'll lead the way", insisted Haruhi.

The screen shows the Host Club shocked except Haruhi.

Then, the screen shows Kage looking in the inside of a book.

The Host Club looks at Kage.

"I wonder why she acts so cold towards us", said Tamaki.

"You mean you can't tell. he's a crossdresser", figured Honey.

"Huh?" gasped The boys and except Haruhi,Honey and Mori.

"So, you figured it out, what now", smiled Kage.

"There only one thing to do", said Tamaki.

"He's come up with another plan of his", said Kyoya, lifting his glasses.

"Plans?" questioned Kage, then he feels a hand.

"Come on, Toshi-chan!" gleamed Honey, pulling Kage's hand through the hallway.

"Don't worry, the Host Club may be weird, but they mean no harm", Haruhi tells Kage.

"Your telling me this, like we will be friends, don't guarantee that", replied Kage, still acting cold.

"Why not, do you not like people?" asked Honey.

"No. People don't like me", said Kage, sounding emotional, but trying to hide it. "But I don't care".

Hikaru takes Kage's hand, and Kaoru blindfolds him.

"Hey! What gives", complained Kage.

"Don't worry, we'll guide you", Hikaru and Kaoru insisted, holding Kage's hand.

They lead him back to the Host Club, Mori takes off Kage's blindfolds off, and he sees a welcome sign with many students, sweets on table, tea, all kinds of stuff.

This surprises Kage, Honey grabs his hand, showing him sweets with Mori following them, Hikaru and Kaoru shows Kage their costumes that's unseen by any girls; Kyoya explains to Kage that his friends will not give up easily on getting the acceptance of his friendship, Haruhi tells Kage,what the school is like; Tamaki takes Kage's hand leading her the other students.

Renee takes pictures of Kage with the other students.


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