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The story starts with me, Kanisha, an ordinary girl that got a magic watch, that could send her to the world of books,movies,anime, cartoons, and live action shows.

Each time, is more exciting then the last.

I was reading, when she heard a knock on her bedroom door, which she opens.

As I opened the door, in comes my best friend with curly blond hair, white skin, wearing pink earrings, pink/purple sunglasses on her head, a sparkly dress with a white apron, holding a tray; Her name is Mariah, my best friend since middle school, and she knows about my adventures.

Unfortunately because of her stunts that she does along with her fashion shows got my foot crushed, now, i'm in crutches.

"I brought you, breakfast", said Mariah. "Since, I hurt your foot".

"Thank you, also my granny can not know about this", said Kanisha.

"True, where is she?' asked Mariah, looking around.

"At the bank", said Kanisha, while eating pancakes.

"Why are you not watching the TV?" asked Mariah, looking at the blank screen.

"Because I rather read, and I'm wearing my watch, and I don't want to enter the TV world again, if only I could create my own adventure of my own choosing", I said. "I feel like ben, when he couldn't control the omnitrix".

"That makes sense, which is why i'm going to turn the TV on", said Mariah, ash she holds the remote.

"Nooo!" I screamed slowly, but couldn't stop her because of my foot.

"Girl, trust me, i'm doing this for your own good, also you don't want syrup on your book", replied Mariah.

"True, okay, i'll give one show a chance, but help me take off my watch first", I agreed.

"That's understandable, i'll help you", said Mariah, as she puts my book down, and tries to pull off my watch.

Mariah tried her best, but my watch wouldn't budge.

"Kanisha, when is the last time, you took this watch off?" asked Mariah.

"I think September", I remembered.

"That is insane. Can you try to take it off? Wait! What's with your watch?" Mariah noticed.

"Huh?" I questioned.

Then, the watch glow brighter, and we say "Uh oh!"

The portal transport them to a place with black screens, and see a big screen that has a big caption saying "The world will be made the way you like, but choose wisely because each drama is different. Have a nice day!"

The screen sucks them in.

"What did that sign mind by that?" asked Mariah.

"Maybe, I can finally create my own story from a TV show", I guessed.

"More of your own plotline", Mariah corrected me.

"Right", I said.

The portal transports us to a new town, but we almost land in the water, so my hand is holding on the edge of a bridge, and Mariah is holding onto my waist.

"Well, this is a fine predicament", complained Mariah.

"Help!" I called.

"Is anybody around?" asked Mariah.

Then, from a distance, we saw a shadow for a second, then Mariah disappeared; Which made me worry.

Next, I hear the sound of a skateboard, after that I see a hand, I take the hand, and gets from the edge.

"Thank you", I said. "I'm Kanisha".

"Dang! Watch. Always take me to the wrong place", I thought in my head.

Then,the person comes into the light, and immediately I recognized who that person is.

"I'm Conan Edogawa, i'm a detective", said Conan.

After hearing that, I unexpectedly started jumping up and down and squealing, but I finally stop and says "Wait! Where's Mariah?"

"I'm here", I heard Mariah's voice, then a shadow appeared.

So, I saw a person with a white magician outfit: a hat, suit, shoes,gloves, all in white; this person is the master of disguise, the one and only, Kaito Kid, and Mariah by his side.

Which is when, I realized that both Mariah and I had shrunken.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, while hugging her.

"I was a little scared, but i'm okay", said Mariah.

"Good", I said.

"Yeah", said Mariah.
"So, what were you doing?" asked Kaito.

"I was trying to find my phone and tripped, Kanisha tried to help me, and we got stuck in that situation", Mariah lied.

"It's good, your okay, where's your parents?" wondered Conan.

"We're orphans", I said, with a sad expression on my face, trying to hide my lying.

"We have no home", sighed Mariah.

At that moment, we saw lights of a car, where a girl with dark brown hair, wearing a pink, shirt, black jacket, blue jeans, and blue shoes running towards Conan.
"Conan-kun, i'm glad, your safe, where's Kaito Kid?" asked Ran.

"He disappeared, I found two orphans", said Conan.

"I don't know why, you two look familar", said Ran.

We smiled nervously, then my watch started glowing again releasing wind.

"Kanisha, what is up with this watch?" asked Mariah.

"I don't know, it just keeps glowing brighter", I said.

"Can't you turn it off?" asked Mariah.

"This is a watch, there is no off button", said Kanisha, then the watch stops glowing. "Oh! Nevermind".

But, then the watch releases negative energy into my veins, making me weak, then I fainted.

"Kanisha! Wake up! Kanisha! Wake up!" Mariah called, and crying.

Ran picks me up, and says "Let's go to the hospital, she'll be fine".

The screen goes to them in the car.

"What?" asked Mariah.

"Nothing, it's just you two seem familiar", Conan thinks.

"Well, we can't be, this is the first time, we met", said Mariah.

The screen goes to me opening my eyes, seeing I'm in a hospital bed.

Mariah is sitting on a chair, with her head down, then lifts her head, and smiles.

"What the doctor say?" I asked.

"High blood pressure, and your watch didn't glow or anything", answered Mariah.

I sighed with relief.

"What a relief, I wonder what happened to my watch that made me faint like that", I said, looking at my watch.

Conan happened to hear this conversation.

"How about try to unlock the magic?" suggested Mariah.

"What if we get caught?" I asked.

"We can just wipe their memory, we've done it before", Mariah answers immediately.

I shrugged my shoulder, which is the moment, Conan opens the door slowly in order to sneak in behind the chair, which covered him up.

I got up, Mariah did too, I twist my watch, and says "Bring the power of the angel".

Mariah touch the watch, and says "And bring the power of the devil".

Mariah and I started levitating, that caught Conan's attention, making it hard for him to turn away.

I got covered in a tornado of white aura, my wings spread out, I'm wearing a white dress and white heels.

Mariah gets covered in a purple aura, black wings spread out, she's wearing a red dress, devil tail, and red heels.

"The magic seems to work well", Mariah observed.

"Great, let's test out our wings outside", I suggested.

As Mariah opens the window, a hand grabs her, and a man appears in the room with a gun.

"Don't move, or I'll kill her", The man threatened Mariah and I.

I smirked, Mariah and I started to laugh, which confuses The man and Conan

"I would suggest you look around, and who you are threatening", I told the man.

The man look at Mariah and I seeing our wings and feels Mariah's wings realizing it's not fake.

The man dropped his gun, backs up, letting go of Mariah, and says "Who are you?".

I walk up to him, where he's beside the window, and says "You ask that after you threaten my chest friends, my what a foolish man".

I gave an evil smile.

"What are you going to do?" asked The man.

I lifted the man by his shirt, looks at Mariah , and says "So, what should we do with him?"

"Leave him for the police, but before that", said Mariah.

Mariah grabs the man, takes him outside, about to let him go.

Conan senses what Mariah was doing, runs to the window, and says "Stop!"

This caught Mariah and I by surprise.

"What are you thinking? What if he tells the police after the fall?" asked Conan.

Mariah and I laughed.

"I wasn't going to drop him, I was just scaring him", said Mariah.

Conan sigha.

"Conan, I would never let her do that, beside she may look like a devil, but she's sweet", I told Conan.

Mariah smiles.

"Who are you really?" wondered Conan.

Mariah first erases the man's memories, putting him to sleep, and makes him disappear.

"I'm Kanisha, and that's Mariah, we're people that posses magic from this watch", I informed Conan.

"I don't..." Conan is still shocked.

I took Conan's hand, we jumped out the window, we fly in the air with Mariah following us.

"I'm an angel, Mariah posses the power of the devil to cause mischief", I said.

"So, you didn't come to cause any trouble?" asked Conan.

"Of course not, it's not fun that way", I said.

"We only do that for couples", said Mariah.

I nodded.

"Couples? Why, never mind", Conan responded.

"Because we like to test their relationship, and see if they truly love each other", said Mariah.

"You two are strange, how long are staying?" asked Conan.

"For a while", said Mariah.

"By the way, where's Ran?'" I wondered.

"She went to check out, where Mori is", said Conan.

"Let's go back, I sense she's back", I said.

We landed in the hospital at the moment, the detective boys appear in the room, seeing us in our magical forms.

"Hello", Mariah and I greeted them.

"No way!" gasped Mitsuko.

"Nice to meet you, detective boys", I said.

"You know us?" asked Ayumi.

"Of course, we're great friends of Conan, after all he saved our lives", said Mariah.

The detective boys look at Conan with my hands wrapped around him.

"Why are hugging him like that?" asked Ayumi.

"Oh! I guess I didn't notice, we were flying, and I didn't want him to fall", I replied.

"You can really fly?!"gasped Genta.

"Yep, want to try?" I asked the detective boys.

"Yes", the detective boys decided.

I took Ayumi and Mitsuko's hand, jump out the window.

Mariah takes Genta and Haibara, and jump out the window too.

The screen ends with the kids getting to fly with us.

'Interesting, I wonder what will happen', thought Haibara.

"This will be fun", Mariah mouthed to me.

"I agreee", I mouthed back.


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