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The story starts with us looking at the sky at night on a bench outside of Mariah's house.

We're both wearing blue gowns

"Have you ever thought about going back and fix prom?" asked Mariah.

"Your kidding right?" I asked Mariah.

"No, I mean I got dumped, you did too, right before we could dance, and I got punch spilled all over me. It was embarrassing," said Mariah, looking sad.

I saw the depression in her eyes, looking like she was about to cry so I got up, and says "I might have a way to fix that.''

"How?" asked Mariah, curious and happy.

I showed my watch, and says "By making our own special prom".

Mariah smiles widely, then hugs me, and says "Thank you".

I smiled at her, and says "Thank me after you get that dance".

I raised my watch in the air with Mariah still hugging me against my waist, and says "Open a portal where we can make a memory of dancing the night away in the show we choose. Ouran High School Host Club!"

The watch glows, send a stretched line that looks like a giant spring around Mariah and I, then takes away in the flash, and disappears before anyone in Mariah's house noticed.

The portal takes Mariah and I to the place in-between portals, where we see my past adventures before I was with Mariah, and we see a screen that shows the host club serving a bunch of beautiful ladies.

I touched it, and we entered the world, after we got in, I slowly opened my eyes to see I was in a dressing room that's apart of the club.

Which made me jump wondering where is Mariah, I exist the dressing room, where a mirror is found by me, where I see that I'm wearing a tux that is dark purple on the shirt, the pants are regular black, and my shoes are dark purple too.

"Whoa! I actually look kinda good as a guy", I complimented myself,

But I shook my head, and said "I don't have time for this".

I ran out of the room, then I went into the hallway, where I saw all girls talking in the hallway, when one of the girls recognized me.

She had beautiful blue eyes, long red hair, wearing a blue silver dress with blue silver glovers, along with a flower attached to the dress, and white heels.

"Aisachana!" The girl exclaimed.

"Aira!" I gasped.

"It's been so long,'' Aira smiled.

"It has, but I need a favor from you,'' I asked.

"Yes, what is it?" asked Aira.

"Have you seen another girl about my height walking around here looking confused?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. She got pulled away by Tamaki", answered Aira.

"Thank you,'' I said, giving her a hug, then walks straightforward.

But Aira called me and said "Don't you want to see Honey?"

I turned around, and says "Honey? He isn't with the other hosts?"

Aria walks up to me, and says, "Nope, he's looking at the moon".

I blushed, remembering how the last time I was here I told him how I loved the moon.

"I'm guessing he hasn't forgotten you, and judging by the blushing you haven't forgotten him either", Aira figured out.

I shook my head again, and heads to the door to the outside where I see the host club treating many ladies, then I notice Tamaki with Mariah who's wearing a white dress with a crescent shaped barrette in her hair, and attached to her dress, and her blue heels looking like Cinderella.

Mariah notice me, and says "Kanisha!"

"Mariah! I was so worried, when I didn't find you," I admitted.

Mariah blushed, then puts her head trying to hide her crush, and says "I was worried too".

I try to look at Mariah's face, and says "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, see ya", said Mariah, then runs away.

"Mariah! Wait!" I called, but she's already gone.

'What's wrong with her?' I thought in my head.

Mariah keeps running, and say in her head 'What am I doing? Running won't solve this feeling'.

Mariah finally stops, and sits in the grass.

"Are you okay?" asked Haruhi, looking at Mariah.

"I'm fine, I just need to be alone," said Mariah, with her head down.

"You sure, does this make you feel better?" asked Haruhi.

Mariah thinks, then feels her heart, and says "No, it doesn't, but I can't leave here".

"Why?" asked Haruhi.

"Because she's there", answered Mariah.

"Her?" wondered Haruhi.

That's when Mori comes too.

Mariah puts her head up, and her eyes glow, she jumps, and says "I… I…"

Mariah moves away from Mori and Haruhi, and says "I'm sorry, I should be dancing, but instead I'm focusing on feelings instead of enjoying myself".

Mariah walks away, finds herself bump into a boy who has short brown hair, wearing a black tux, and black shoes, who had his back turned.

"Are you okay?" asked The boy named Aziz.

"Yeah, I just wanted to find someone to dance with, but I'm having a hard time,'' said Mariah.

Aziz puts his hands out, and says "How about you dance with me".

Mariah hesitant at first, then takes his hand, and she starts dancing.

I'm still distracted by how I saw Mariah's sad face, when saw Honey under the tree and I blushed.

'He looks so cute, my heart is beating fast', I thought.

Honey opens his eyes, and sees me.

Honey jumps up, walks up to me, and says "Aisachana".

"Honey, it's good to see you," I smiled.

"It's good to see you too,'' said Honey.

The other members of the host club are looking.

"They look cute together," said Tamaki.

"Yes, but Miskuni is going to have to tell her the news," said Mori.

"During the dance, harsh," said Hikaru.

"Yeah, oh they're coming over," Kaoru noticed.

The members pretended not to notice us.

Honey and I went by the garden.

"Aisachana, I have to tell you something," said Honey, looking at the moon.

"What is it?" I asked Honey

"I have a girlfriend," said Honey, with the wind blowing.

"Really?" I asked, shocked.

'This is bad, I haven't read the whole manga, what do I do, how do I act', I thought.

"Aisachana! Aisachana! Aisachana!" called Honey.

"Sorry, got lost in thought, anyway I'm glad, that you found somebody special", I said with a nervous smile.

"Aisachana, are you sure you're okay?" asked Honey, concerned.

"Yeah... Have a fun night," I said, then I felt a sting in my heart.

I walked away slowly, then I runned to the inside of the school, unknowingly hurt.

'Why am I running? Why does my heart hurt? I knew that our relationship wouldn't work', I thought, in my mind.

Then, unknowingly ends up in the host club room.

The chapter ends with My watch blinking, Mariah feeling that while drinking punch to avoid dancing.


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