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Codename Prophecy.

The screen opens in Egypt, where an girl, who wears an brown cloak walking through the hallway, filled with giant statues of goddesses pointed to a display that shows a golden necklace.

The mysterious girl was about to take the necklace, when another girl who revealed to be numbuh 5 takes it.

"Sorry girl,but this necklace in the wrong hands, diaster would strike", Numbuh 5 warns the girls.

"But, that's what my master wants", said The mysterious girl.

The mysterious girl hands glow purple, which makes the necklace levitate back to her, and traps Numbuh 5. To make sure Numbuh 5,did not to follow her.

Once outside the temple, she is revealed as Purple ninja, then she teleports to Agent Walker's warehouse.

"Did you get it?" asked Agent Walker in the shadows, sitting on a chair.

"Yes, but I had a run in with one of the kids next door", Purple ninja replies.

"Hmmm, there's nothing to worry about, as long as she didn't see you", Agent Walker answered.

"Alright, here you go", Purple ninja said, handing a necklace.

Agent Walker puts the necklace on the statue of a rainbow monkey, which hits Agent Walker with a purple blast, that traps her in a bubble.

"Master, are you okay?" Purple ninja wonders.

"Yes", Agent Walker muffled.

"I can't hear you", Purple ninja yelled.

Agent Walker grabs her notebook from her pocket, and writes 'warn the kids next door' on it.

"But, we can't leave you", Blue ninja said.

Agent Walker points to a button, that's attached to the wall.

"The escape button,alright hold on", Black ninja noticed, and throws a sprinkball.
That opens the warehouse back door and launches them to the KND's treehouse, which was when the KND is working on a project.

"What was that?" asked Numbuh 4.

Number 2 finds Agent Walker in his working area.

"Kanisha, are you okay?" Numbuh 2 asked, concerned.

Agent Walker kicks the bubble, so Numbuh 2 grabs his pop machine, that helps free Kanisha.

"Thank you, now ninjas, plan r", Agent Walker.

"Are you sure, you normally don't do that, unless you lost hope", Jessie/black ninja said in disbelief.

"Yes, i'm sure", Agent Walker said.

"I have something to tell you", Agent Walker confesses.

The kids next door meet in the livng room on the couch, with Agent Walker on the side.

"Rolls the tape", Agent Walker asks Jessie/the black ninja.

"Yes, Master Walker,Jessie replies, get's a tape from out of her pocket, and puts it in the DvD player.

The flashback starts on a tape, which shows Agent Walker sitting in a chair.

"The plan worked exactly as plan, the kids next door have no idea, that I am playing them for fools", Agent Walker revealing her true self.

The screen switches to the backyard, where the villains were.

"So listen clearly, if any of you adults or pathetic losers, get in my way,there will be consquences understood", said Agent Walker, with storm clouds being controlled by her.

"Yes,ma'am", said the villains in unison.

The tape shows Agent Walker holding a red button.

"Didn't anybody tell you, there's a new Villian?" Agent Walker asks.

So, Agent Walker pushes a red button, that makes the children's eyes turn green and attack them.

Next, the tape shows Agent Walker holding The golfer at the edge of the cliff.

"What kind of kids next door operative are you?" wondered The golfer.

"I'm not, now i'm going to ask you one more time, hand it over", Agent Walker said.

"Never!" The golfer holding back.

"Suit yourself" Agent Walker replied, then she let him go, and teleports on a jetplane with Nila piloting.

Where Agent Waker is eating ice cream inside the jetplane with the door open,waiting for the golfer to say the word.

"You can't let me fall", The golfer said in fear.

"Then, hand me the disc", Agent Walker asked.

"Why would you want the record of all the villains? You just a kid",The golfer assumed.

"Oh no, I'm much more that", said Agent Walker.

Then Agent Walker mummy wrapped him, puts him in a tomb, and teleports out.

Back at the living room in the present, the kids wonders why Kia would do this, when a ghost wearing an purple cloak.

"Agent walker, you betrayed us", said the ghost.

"You trapped me in a bubble, and i'm the betrayer", Kia says surprised.

"The master has no use for you anymore, but you have still made contact with the enemy", The ghost explains.

"Tell me knd, do you still trust your friend, after figuring out the truth, other ghosts attack?" asked The ghost.

"No!" Numbuh 2 replied.

"Numbuh 5 was always suspicious", said Numbuh 5.

"Our friend may have betrayed our trust, and taken advantage of our friendship, but we don't trust beings that attack our base", said Numbuh 1.

Agent Walker uses her fairy blaster, which is a soda can attached to a piece of wood and a phone, that releases a strong amount of energy in the form of butterflies.

Once the blast hits the ghost, it phases through numbuh 3, and teleports back to the warehouse

"Where the ghost take our friend", Numbuh 5 asked.

"To my warehouse, here's the coordinates, I have to destroy my blueprints and evil survey", Agent Walker answers, and gives the knd her teleportation watches.

"So, you aren't going to help us, after your plan failed?" Numbuh 4 wondered, standing in the way.

"I thought you didn't trust me, beside the spirit will expect me, and uh oh", said Agent Walker, then she sensed more ghost.

So, boom, the ghosts come surrounding the kids, which is when Agent Walker tells the knd to back up.

At that moment, Agent Walker hits them with a sonic blast, that in the form of hearts, and teleport her and the knd to the warehouse.

But, when they get in there, number 3 is tied up to the rainbow monkey statue, which sucking up her positive energy.

"Ah! Agent Walker finally you made it, and I see you brought friends, how nice", said the spirit.

"I'm not here to help you, let my friend go", said Agent Walker.

The ghosts surround the KND, and use their new devices to make the ghosts disappear.

Numbuh 1 has a sugar blast, that's made of sunglasses attached to a belt buckle, and cardboard.

Numbuh has a robot blasts, that's made of metal pieces attached to a metal tube.

Numbuh 4 has a ketchup blaster, that's made of the same items as the mustard gun.

Numbuh 5 has penny blaster, that's made of a stapler attached to scissors.

"I knew you would betray me, but you won't defeat me", The spirit admits.

Agent Walker gives a humorous smile, while the spirit reveals himself as a red alien wearing a black cloak.

"You smile, at your defeat". said the spirit.

"Ready, Kids next door?" asked Agent Walker.

But, before she could say anything the spirit/alien stabs her leg.

"No!" yelled Numbuh 3.

Tears came from numbuh 3's eyes, which intrigued the spirit.

"Why do you trust her so much, even though she admitted, she's a traitor?" asked the spirit.

"Because she's my friend, and I know it wasn't just an act", said Numbuh 3.

Agent Walker slowly get up and the spirit saw this and stopped her from moving an further.

"Move anymore agent, and you'll friends will die", threatened the ghost.

"Try your best", said the purple ninja in the shadows.

Purple shadow swings from a rope and pulls out a light blaster, which destroys the staue.

Since they statue is destroyed Numbuh 3 is free, but that staue was flying, so number 3 is falling.

Numbuh 4 comes and catches numbuh 3.

"Thanks numbuh 4", said Numbuh 3.

"It was nothing", said Numbuh 4, blushing.

"Aww! isn't that sweet, but this isn't over", said the spirit.

The spirit/alien runs towards numbuh 3, when a purple aura surrounds it and makes it stop

Agent Walker is the one holding the glove from the opening, that stopped her, and all the ninjas show up beside her.

"Agent Walker, still fighting, seems I taught you too well", said The spirit.

The spirit and Agent Walker power mix, which causes a rift, that's tearing the warehouse.

"Numbuh 1, we have to help Kia'", said Numbuh 3.

Numbuh 1 wasn't quite sure, whether t do it or not.

In-between thinking the purple ninja stop one of the minions from attacking, with no hast.

Numbuh 1 looked at flashbacks and saw Agent Walker is still good, but has a shadow of evil.

Numbuh 1 uses his weapon to blast any of the other minions, and his friends joined him.

"Numbuh 1, the coffin, if you destroy it. The spirits will disappear", pointed out Numbuh 5.

"Alright, numbuh 3 and the rest of you, go help Agent Walker", said Numbuh 1.

Numbuh 1 along with the ninja uses their blasters to create one giant blast.

Numbuh 2,3,4,and 5 see Agent Walker gloves started to run out of energy.

"I have an idea, taps the weapons together", said Numbuh 2.

The mix the materia together, create a beam of energy from their heart, which stopped the spirit.

The spirit fell to the ground not able to move.

Agent Walker slowly landed with Number 2 holding her shoulder.

"Thanks Hoagie", said Agent Walker, weakly.

The spirit got surrounded by ghost flames, gave energy back to whatever the statue took.

With her strength back she hugged Number 3 along with the ninjas .

A few moments later, Agent Walker and the ninjas destroy all items from the spirit, and find her motorcycle.

They go outside the warehouse because the warehouse mysteriously disapppears.

"Are you going to abandon your evil ways?" asked Number3.

After Number 3, a smile hit Agent Walker's face, and evil laughs.

"Not a chance, I just got a job as a spy, but I will pop up in here and there", Agent Walker answered, while holding onto a motorcycle.

"So, we're still friends", Number 3 wondered.

"Of course, remember we always have rainbow monkeys", said Agent Walker, while hugging her friend.

"Yay!" Exclaimed Number 3.

"So, what about the spirit?" Number 1 asked.

"It returned to being in a eternity of banishment", Agent Walker repllies.

The screen ends with Agent Walker and the ninjas riding on motorcycle as the sun goes down.


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