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n the first chapter I told you about the relationships of Kanisha in the book world, so let me tell you how they met.

The first one is Artemis fowl.

It started with Kanisha looking sitting at the desk, and turns around.

Once she turns around, Kanisha look at Artemis with a smile.

"Artemis fowl, I presume, my name is kanisha", Kanisha introduces herself, with her hands clustered together in a chair.

"Pleasure to meet you, Ms. walker, and what do I owe this pleasure", said Artemis,politely.

"You know my remp, of being wherever danger follows, and I want to see your plan in progress", Kanisha admitted.

"So,you have heard that i'm looking for my father, and bringing a couple of supplies", Artemis figured out.

The second one is The box children.

The first time, they meet actually was at the kid's grandfather's house.

The kids just entered the house, when they see somebody sitting on a chair reading a newspaper.

Benny walks up to the person, and he sees Kanisha who has curly hair, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and shoes putting down the newspaper.

"Hello, I'm Kanisha, you're the Aldens right",said Kanisha, with a smile.

"Yes", said the kids, simultaneously.

"I'm a guardian angel, and I'm here to help you with any mysteries you have", Kanisha explains.

The third one is Nico di Angelo.

Along with Percy, Kanisha met Nico.

Nico and Kanisha's romantic relationship starts with them after hearing the Oracle's prediction. Nico takes Kanisha on a picnic date.

The fourth one is Harry Potter.

They met in the second book, where Harry is reading the daily prophet, when he saw a door magically appear.

Coming from the door, Harry sees Kanisha.

"Harry Potter", said Kanisha.

"Yes, and you are", Harry told Kanisha.

"Kanisha walker, pleasure to meet you", Kanisha greeted.

Kanisha and Harry shake hands.

The fifth one is Half-moons investigations.

Kanisha by the locker, where she sees Fletcher moon.

Kanisha looks at Half moon, and calls him by his real name Fletcher.

She tested Red to see if he can be trusted, but doesn't reveal that until the end of the investigation.

Last one is Airman and the unknown pilot.

Kanisha appears in the airplane about the time, Connor's mom noticed bombs.

"Thanks for saving us", said Connor's mom.

Kanisha watches Connor pursue his dream as his aunt.

Kanisha help Connor keep a cheery attitude through his mixed up life.

In the end, Kanisha insisted that she will always be with Connor and his family.

Note: Readers, I must tell you that I will make a short series of these relationships of Kanisha.


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