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(Intro plays)

The computer types EID, and Evil in disguise

The screen opens with Agent walker playing cards, when she heard an transmission, that came from the kids next door.

"Kids next door, it's movie night. Numbuh 4 get the popcorn, numbuh 3 get the TV ready, numbuh 5 check the perimeter to make sure were not interrupted, numbuh 2 Get the butter ready", Numbuh 1 told them, seeing everything working out well.

Searching through the cabinets, Numbuh 2 finds a glowing stick, that leads him to the magnet.

"Numbuh 1, the popcorn is ready", Numbuh 4 told them.

"Great, where's number 2?" asked Numbuh 1.

"He probably went to the magnet", said Numbuh 5.

"I'll check on him", said Numbuh 4, then when he enters the room, he sees numbuh 2 with red lighting, making an invention.

"Numbuh 2, what are you doing, the movie almost on", Numbuh 4 told numbuh 2.

"What? Oh right, here's the butter", Numbuh 2 replied.

"Come on", said Numbuh 4, then they back to the TV room.

"Finally, the movie about to begin", Numbuh 3 relieved.

In the warehouse.

"Girls, it's our annual friendship day", said Agent Walker, wearing sunglasses with a striped dress.

"Hooray, so who wants some punch?" asked Jessie, while

"You know I would", Agent Walker informs the ninjas, while heading for the punch bowl.

The ninjas is licking ice cream and sets up her DVD player.

"Yeah! a movie !" exclaimed Number 3.

"Has anybody seen my mexican rainbow monkey?" asked Agent Walker, when she start glowing, and also found her monkey.

"What's going on? the kids next door is in trouble?" asked Agent Walker, hearing a siren.

"Master Walker, Nila is under some trance and she's running amok through the town", Qua/the blue ninja observed.

"Then, we better figure out the source", said Agent Walker.

"Qua, you and the other ninjas come with me, we're going to need the kids next door", Agent Walker suggested.

Outside, Nila isn't the only one in some kind of trance, it's happening to other children as well.

"We have to figure out, a way to get these kids out this trance", said Agent Walker.

"I'm afraid, that might be hard than you think", said The delightful children.

"Oh, the delightful children, your immune to the virius?" asked Agent Walker.

"Not exactly, that's why we need help from the kids next door", answered The delightful children.

"Jessie manuever 98", said Agent Waller.

Jessie/black ninja throws a sprinke bomb, inside a ninja stars.

The kids next door hears an explosion, which is where they run to the soubd.

Agent Walker and the ninjas fight kids that are in trances, but don't hurt them too much.

"I'm getting tired of playing nice, Jessie", said Agent Walker.

"We need your help", said Agent Walker, showing all the craziness.

"Whoa!" exclaimed the kids next door.

"Yes it's fascinating, but right now we need a plan", said Agent Walker.

"Numbuh 3, and 4 gather the children, numbuh 2 get the transport ready, and numbuh 5 keep the delightful children in check", said Numbuh 1, then everybody gets to work.

"Great, ninjas, let's clean up", said Agent Walker, then helps them.

A few minutes later, they have everybody in the trance is the treehouse, and the ninja with Agent Walker is done clean.

"Master Walker, how come, we're immune?" asked Qua/the blue ninja.

"That's not exactly true, whatever putting these kids under a trance, it takes a few minutes to charge, and the kids must be playing or doing something kid related, which is why we were not affected immediately", explained Agent Walker to Qua.

"Uh, Master walker, what would happen, if they sent a green beam from their machine?" asked Qua/the blue ninja, seeing it happen.

"Oh! let's go", said Agent Walker, then starts running and jumps on the houses.

"uh! guys", said Numbuh 2, seeing the beam.

"Numbuh 2, put up the power shield", said Numbuh 1.

"wait, where's kia?" asked Numbuh 3.

"forget about me, put up the shield", said Agent Walker, knowing that the beams too fast and it zapped her and the kids puts on a shield.

"look kids, what should we do with them?" asked Night brace.

"You can stay away", said Agent Walker, with a laser, and the ninjas get up.

"And what are you going to do alone?" asked the cat lady

"Oh! you think I want to stop you, oh no, I just want my friend back", said Agent Walker.

"How do we know that, you're not a kids next door?" asked the toiletinator.

"For once he says something smart", said The kat lady.

"Ask, count spanklot and the golfer, remember me, golfer", said Agent Walker, walking up to them.

"No, I didn't tell anybody about you, what do you want", said The golfer, scared.

"Where's my ninja?" asked Agent Walker, then he points to the girl inside the house.

"master Walker, you came for me", said Nila.

"of course, I need you and we're friends, now we need to go, you see the kids next door thinks we're in a trance", said Agent Walker.

"Wait, why are you planning against the kids next door, act like there friends?" asked Sticky beard.

"eEsy, sticky beard, unlike you villains, i'm thiinking outside the box, plus I need them for my little scheme", said Agent Walker to all of the villains, wile walking, then sits on the fence.

"So listen very clear, if any of you adults or pathetic losers, get in my way there will be consequences. Understood", said Agent Walker, with storm clouds being controlled by her.

"Yes, ma'am", said the villains.

"Good, now what are you planning to do with those kids next door?" asked Agent Walker.

"We were going control their minds , so they act more like adults". said .

"I think have an easier way for that", said Agent Walker, showing her formula,

Agent Walker puts it in the machine, but then some kids come barging through.

"The kids came to us ", said night brace, but they were surrounded by Agent Walker.

"You, didn't anybody tell you, there's a new villain", said Agent Walker, then pushs a red button, that makes the children's eyes turn green and attack them.

"What kind of monster are you?" asked tolietnator.

"The one who will do whatever to get what I want", said Agent Walker, with an evil look on her face, the leaves, that's when the kids next door come.

"Alright, you adults, where are the kids", said Numbuh 1, then they see what's happening.

"Kids next door, please help?" asked the villains.

"Should we, I mean?" asked Numbuh 2.

"It doesn't look like a trick", said Numbuh 5.

"Then kids next door battle stations", said Numbuh 1, but before they could do anything agent walker makes the kids stop attacking the adults.

"Uh!What just happened?" asked Numbuh 2, confused.

"We have been freed of the trance, this changes nothing kids next door", said the delightful chilren.

"Makes sense", said Numbuh 4.

Back at the treehouse, the kids next door are about to get back to the movie.

"What happened to kia?" asked Numbuh 3

"I'm here, what happened", said Agent Walker, acting like she got a headache.

"It's alright, appartently the adults were trying to make the children become more like adults", said Numbuh 1.

"Really?" asked Agent Walker, pretended to look surprised.

"It's alright, appartently the adults were trying to make the children become more like adults", said Numbuh 1.

"Really?" Agent Walker, acting surprised.

"Want to watch a movie with us?"asked Numbuh 2.

"I can't,I need see how my friends are", said Agent Walker.

Agent Walker leaves,and that's where the episode ends.


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