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The screen opens up with the kids fighting sticky beard.

"Arrrrrgh!, give it up", said Sticky beard.

"Not happening", replied Numbuh 5, while fighting off one of the pirates and ties him up.

Sticky beard pushes a yellow button, that makes two big lasers.

Numbuh 4 uses his red laser gun, cuts of the lasers in half.

"Alright, kids next door, let's take them down", said Numbuh 1.

Then all pirates are tied up and a teleportation ray from a girl with two black ponytail:a.k.a. hairstyle, wearing a pink shirt, blue jeans, yellow ultity belt, two pink braclets, and white basketball shoes named Agent Walker a.k.a Kia, holding the ray.

"Who is that?" questioned Numbuh 4.

"Names Kia, I just got here", answered Kia,in a russian accent.

"What are you doing here?" asked Numbuh 5.

"I'm from a russian agency called the Secret Organization of Friends,and I came here because I always wanted to travel to America", explained Agent Walker.

"Well, Kia, around here an organization called the kids next door, who handle the evil grown ups", Numbuh 1 informed Agent Walker.

"Good, then see ya and tell me if you need anything", said Agent Walker, puts on an motorcycle and rides it home.

Agent Walker's home is pink, filled with lovely furniture, normal kitchen, four bedrooms, and bathrooms.

"Kia, how was your ride?" asked her mom, while cooking: a woman with long blond hair in a bun, wearing a pink dress, and black heels.

The woman's name is Katherine.

"It was nice, I met some new friends", Agent Walker tells her parents.

"That's nice", said her dad, distracted.

Agent Walker kisses her parents on the cheek, and her mother asks "when's dinner going to be done in 10 minutes,and remember to unpack the rest of your suitcase".

"I will, also dad in the sports section, their going to be cancel, the game because of rain", said Agent Walker.

"Again, thanks Kia", said Kia's dad: Joe.

Kia runs upstairs to her room, with yellow wallpaper, a mirror on her table, makeup, closet, outfits, and her suitcase.

Kia started brushing her hair, when she hears her mirror vibrating.

"Now, what", Kia complained.

"Kia, you haven't forgotten your mission, I still owe me?" asked The mirror.

"Of course not, my plan is moving smoothly. As I speak my friends are gathering intel and the staue has been located", said Kia, while drinking coffee.

"Excellent", said The mirror.

In treehouse.

"Do you think we can trust her?" asked Numbuh 4.

"I checked the database and her organization is real and everything is good", said Numbuh 2.

"Then, we can leave her alone", said Numbuh 5.

"But, can't we befriend her?" asked Numbuh 3.

"I don't know, if that's a good idea", said Numbuh 1, unconvinced.

"Only time will tell", Numbuh 5 replied.

At school, Kia was keeping her distance from the kids next door, but numbuh 3 wasn't giving up and she got her chance at recess.

"Kia, I know you want to stay away from the kids next door, but it doesn't mean we can't be friends", said Numbuh 3.

"I guess in the normal life, we can have fun and be friends", Agent Walker agreed.

"Yeah!" exclaimed Number 3, then she hugs kanisha.

"Yeah, so what do you want to do?" asked Agent Walker.

"How about a game of tag", suggested Number 3.

A few minutes later, they have fun together, but an robotic foot appears.

"Kids next door, battle station", Numbuh 1 told them.

"Can't I have one day, where something crazy doesn't appear", said Agent Walkrer.

"Well, look who's here", said the girl in the robot.

"Aunt Kiki! I see you've returned"Agent Walker gasped.

"You didn't really think I would stay in that jail forever?" asked Aunt kiki, an red-haired girl wearing an blue outfit.

"What are the odds?" questioned Numbuh 3.

"Odd or not, we need to help her", said Numbuh 5.

"You and that russian agency of yours are going to pay for leaving me in that cell", Aunt kiki threatened, while Kia is acting helpless, by struggling to get free.

The kids next door hit the robot with lasers, but has no effect.

"For the KND, you have useless weapons", laughed Aunt kiki.

Aunt Kiki notice Kia smiling happily.

"Why are you smiling, your friends aren't going to save you?" wondered Aunt Kiki.

"Maybe they don't need to", said Kia, with an evil look in her eye.

Kia uses her laser gun with lightning blast.

"Well, I see you're still yourself, preying on the innocent, you're just like my sister", said Kia.

The KND were suspicious,slices the robot with a sword, leaving Aunt Kiki.

"But, how did you do that?" asked Numbuh 2.

"It's very weak, metal, my aunt wasn't a good mechanic". said Agent Walker.

"Guess it's back to jail for me", said Aunt Kiki.

"Not this time". said Agent Walker, setting her laser gun to erase which erase Aunt Kiki's memories of all of this and the organization and teleported her back to her home.

"so, how about a movie after school?" asked Agent Walker.

"Sure", said Numbuh 3.

At night, Agent Walker goes to an old abandoned place.

"Master walker, did the plan go well?" asked a blond-haired ninja.

"The plan worked exactly as plan, the kids next door have no idea, that I am playing them for fools", said Agent Walker,

Then Agent Walker goes into another room, where there is a giant rainbow monkey.

"And the chosen one", said an omonious voice.

"She will know when the time is right", said Agent Walker, then evil laughs


  • Zak Ahmed

    Zak Ahmed

    wow amazing like how did you write that crap its crap why wou,d anyone read it like its shit and crap

    Apr 05, 2020

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