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The beginning the computer types s.w.a.t. and says it stand for Special Weapons and tacics.

One day, the kids next door were flying in an airplane chasing an 50-year old woman in an airplane too.

"Hurry, we have to stop that elderly before she makes it to the factory", said Number 1.

'Aye, Aye", Said Number 3, and speeds up.

"Number 4, lasers", said number 1.

"On it", said number 4, firing the lasers, which knocks the airplane out of the sky.

So, the woman gets a parachute and says,"I'll get those kids next door".

"Ok, back to the treehouse", said number 1, then they leave.

While,lady is slowly land another airplane comes with one older girl, a young girl, and a teenage girl.

"So, what did we learn?" asked the older sibling.

"Not to underestimate them", said the 50-year-old woman.

"Good, get in", said the older girl.

"Alright", said the woman and climbs in.

"Ok, young one found out, that there's going to be a special unveiling on s.w.a.t. of the city, and has tickets in her hands",explained the older girl.

"But, we need a disguise", said the middle one, sprays s perfume and got turned into a normal family.

At the treehouse, everybody was relaxing when the alarm goes off.

"Alert s.w.a.t. had been infiltrated", the computer warned the KND.

"Kids next door to the unveiling", said number 1.

So, they go to the unveiling with everybody shooting lasers at the villains, but it backfires, then the kids next door stop the villain at the door.

"The kids next door again", said the 40-year-old woman.

"Wait!", screamed the younger sibling.

"I'll handle this", she said, and uses her flasher, which blinds number 3&4 and the young sibling locks them in the vault.

"Not so fast", blurted number 1, and froze the young sibling, and the other sibling.

But, the 40-year-old woman throws a stink bomb, and gets away with her sisters.

"They're getting away", said number 2.

"But, we got s.w.a.t.", Number 1 pointed out.

"Better keep this well guarded", said number 5.

"Yeah, but first let us out", said number 4, banging on the door.

"Oh right", said Number 2.

So, they go to the treehouse, they have a normal bank secruity, but more advanced.

"Now, nobody will be able to get through this", said number 5.

"Good, tomorrow we will return it the kids next door base", said number 1.

Later at the night, the villains try to sneak to get the s.w.a.t., but they caught and the kids ties them up.

"Darn!" complained the younger child.


  • Jan 24, 2020

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