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There was a blond-haired mermaid with a purple tail named barbie, swimming through the sea and makes it above sea level.

"kanisha, where are you?"wondered barbie, looking around.

"i'm right here", called a black-haired girl with a orange outfit eating a cupcake, then waves.

"So, what's the agenda for today?" asked Barbie.

"Well, I was thinking we could have a little adventure". said Kanisha, leaning next to barbie.

"Can I join you". said pinkie pie with a pink party dress.

"Ok, if your lost, then let me tell you how this happened, there's a 1-year-old girl that has a big imagination, who wants to have a little fun, but needs something special to help friends". narrated Qila: a pink squirrel with a white background showing kanisha 3 months ago, writing her stories through the jungle hanging out with animals

"Lucky for her beyond the wall, there is a door to a place never seen before, called the land of imagination, where a girl who loved to bake and sometimes a little random named pinkie pie, and a meremaid who has courage, determination, and has the role to be anything, and has a necklace that changes her into a human named barbie", continued Nila.

"Now, I bet your wondering what's the sappy friendship story, well that's the twist, you see even though they never met didn't mean they never confused thought so some how the girls have this magical connection and a cordon to legend the connection would create a portal to either one's world, but it was broken when a certain witch, evil fairy, and crazy elf stole the power, unfortunately since the power wasn't their they got locked up forever, even though they didn't have the connection, they still reach each other by writing but never meet until 12 years later, when the three golden statues of the queens glow, which happened one day". ended Nila.

So, kanisha was in the woods, singing with her woodland creatures, pinkie is baking, and Barbie sewing her sister's dress for her sixteen birthday.

then all of the sudden a strange of beam of purple light come out of the sky and catches the girls attention. The beam of purple light splits into three, the first one takes Pinkie, the second one takes Barbie, and The last one takes Kanisha.

Then the girls land in super valley, Barbie has a pink color around her eye, pink highlights and is wearing a hot pink dress with a black belt and a lightning shape, light pink cape with the picture of stars on it with pink glitter, light leggings, and black boots.

Pinkie wears a white outfit with purple lines that shaped like arrows.

Last, Kanisha wears a a red dress with a golden shoulder pads with blue little crystals and pictures of hearts, a golden brown with purple sleeve, a black belt and a orange heart belt buckle, brown leggings, and a golden/orange boots, and the Qila's tail turns into a porcupine tail.

"Where am I?" said kanisha.

"This is crazy, I have super speed and let me tell you this place has twists and turns", said Pinkie.

"Then, we need to figure out how to get out of here, I sense that something bad about this place", said Kanisha, looking at the place.

"Are you sure this place looks like a nice and it seems in this dimension,we're superheroes", wondered Barbie.

"Well, I would say having powers would great, but there are heroes, there are villains". said Kanisha.

"Oh!" Pinkie exclaimed

"Look out", said kanisha, moving pinkie in the way and throws her lasso, and catches the villian frankie the lalaloopsy.

"Well, look who I roped up, frankie the evil magician", said Kanisha, cleverly.

"How do you know me, we've never met?" asked Frankie.

"That's one of my powers", said Kanisha, with a clever smile.

"Impressive, but not impressive enough". said Frankie, using his experimental claws and was about attack.

"Don't even think about it", said qila holding her tail threateningly.

"Out of the way, pipsqueak", said Frankie, near qila's face.

"Or else what", said Qila as a giant squirrel.

"Or I will get my team", said Frankie, scared, then whistles, which makes a mad scientist, she-demon, and a giant dog.

"So, it seems that we have a heroes vs villians camosuitation", said the she-demon.

"It seem we are, let's fight",said Kanisha, but before they could fight.

"Stop", said Linsey using her powers to stop the group: red/blond haired girl that looks like ketchup, wears a red shirt with a pink swirl picture on it, and blue navy jeans.

"What are you doing, villians you know your territory, now go", said Adelene threateningly: a chestnut-haired girl wearing black shirt with a picture of an ocean on it, and black jeans.

"fine, but we will be back", said The She-Demon, walking away with others.

"Follow us", said Adelene, walking into the place that looks a house in the outside, but in the inside it's a palace, from head to toe.

"Whoa!" exclaimed The girls, looking around.

"Wait, I know this place", said Barbie, recognizing the scenery.

"You saw them, in your dreams before Barbie", said Linsey.

"How did you know that?" asked Barbie.

"Your our guardians, that's suppose to guide us aren't you", said Kanisha.

"Clever, nice, and has a little animal friend, you must be Kanisha", said Linsey.

"Observate",said Kanisha.

"So what are we supposed to do?" asked Pinkie Pie, jumping.

"first, you must go through super valley alley, second you will go to the ocean kingdom, and got creepy/happy field, it's a weird place,then you will go to the Queen's castle, where you will get your powers back because the statutes power, after that a portal will send you home". Adelene told them.

So, they go to super valley alley.

"I wonder we will face", said Barbie.

"Probably, monsters from mythology becauseof Artemis goddess of the hunt and the moon being there". said Kanisha, while they were walking into the room and saw everything she said.

"I hate when i'm right", said Kanisha.

"Stop there, who are you", demanded Artemis.

"I am star, this is the pink, and princess power", answered Kanisha.

"Why are you here, heroes?". wondered Artemis.

"We come to find out way to the queen castle, so we can go home", said Barbie.

"Then, you must be the guardians, I will let you pass, if you defeat these creatures", said Artemis.

"Alright", said Kanisha.

So, Pinkie to get a giant bag of steaks, and a lasso, and Barbie use the water and turn into ice.

So, they do it and qila is as the bait to lure them.

"Here doggie, nice steak". said Qila, which makes the dog go after her, and Barbie follows.

"Hydra", said Kanisha.

"Come and get us",said Pinkie.

The hydra runs towards them.

"Ok, let's see how this work". said Kanisha, then they work together to defeat it.

The girl lands in the ocean and dives under, where they figure ou that their meremaids. "amazing, I always wondered What it would be like to be a meremaid", said Pinkie, while swimming.

"now, you know?" asked barbie.

"there's no time to think about this, we need to focus on the mission at hand,"said Kanisha.

"OK, I have an Idea, an underwater plan". said barbie, showing them a underwater castle, and tells them that she has a friend that lives there, that they get help with their mission.

"ok, then let's go", said Pinkie.

"not so fast, pinkie, we can't go yet", said kanisha, then shows the virus bats guarding the castle. "oh, that's why". said pinkie.

"kanisha, can you cover us, while we get my friend?"Asked Barbie.

"ok", said Kanisha, then attacks the virsus bats, but they just multiple, so kansha distracts them, while the girls hey, zina,theresa". Said Barbie, calling to the girls in the dungeon.

"What's up,and who's this?"asked Theresa. "

This is pinkie pie", said Barbie.

"Anyway, we need your help, Adelene and Linsey told us that the way to get our powers back is great to potrait and get to the three statue queens", said Barbie.

"so, we can get hit by their ray and get our connection back", said Barbie.

"allright". said Theresa, using a nail filer to break through the bars.

"let's do this", said Zina. Outside, kanisha still fighting.

"hey, you stupid virus bats", said Kanisha.

"Electric power", said Kanisha, then attacks them with her powers, then it attacks too, in the end, Kanisha wins, but feels weak.

"Kanisha!". yelled Barbie, seeing her falling down, and catches her.

"barbie, power low", said Kanisha weakly.

"she needs rest", said Barbie.

"her, we know a place", said Theresa.

So, they go to a sea cottage and take them inside it.

Then, they put her on the bed.

"so, how do we get out of here, Theresa?"asked Pinkie.

"Well", Said Theresa, about say something.

But Kanisha starts whistling, which causes the fishes and dolphins, which made kanisha wake up.

"Are you ok, kanisha?" asked Pinkie, sitting next to her.

"Yeah, and figure out how we can get out here, remember, when we found a way through the valley". said Kanisha, while petting a dolphin.

"yes", said Pinkie and Barbie. "I have a Idea". Said Kanisha.

So, they get out of the cottage to get supplies, first pinkie goes back to the dungeon, second Kanisha go to the forbidden zone and grabs the finishing nets, and last,Barbie gather coral and they put all of them.

"ok, everybody ready", asked Barbie.

"yeah", said Kanisha.

"Pretty much", said Pinkie. The sea creatures cheer.

"You're welcome", said Kanisha, then like a being put in a slingshots, they were flying in the air.

While, they were still flying in the air.

"what did they thank you for?" asked Barbie.

" or getting rid of the virus bats", said Kanisha.

"so,are they gone for good?" Asked Pinkie.

"yeah, since they can't generate, so I use my full electric power", Kanisha explained.

"oh, that makes sense, they were so happy", said Barbie.

"hang on, when are we going to land?"wondered Pinkie.

"About", said Kanishaa, looking at her watch.

They start falling towards the ground and bounce of a giant toy cupcake, where they notice a creepy alley.

"that was fun, can be do it again", said pinkie.

"that was fun", said Kanisha.

"maybe for you", said Barbie, in an actually cupcake.

"sorry, I'll help you". said Pinkie using a giant spoon to get Barbie.

"ok, now that we got that anybody think it is weird that one side is happy and the other is side is creepy", said Kanisha.

"Yeah, it's weird", said Pinkie.

"Weird, indeed my friends". said Detective kitty.

"Hello, I'm Detective kitty you must be the monster hunters, who Adelene and Linsey sent", said Detective Kitty.

"yes, we are, which big, horrifying, Monster we have to face", said Pinkie with a detective outfit.

"Well, detective pie, it's hard to say, it's unlike anything I've ever seen, it's a bunny cyclops", said Detective Kitty showing a picture of it to pinkie.

"whoa, that looks Challenging, but nothing we can't handle". said Pinkie.

"right, girls", said Pinkie, showing the picture of the monster.

"what?"asked barbie,surprised.

"Detective pie, can we talk to you", said Kanisha.

"What's wrong with you? askedd Kanisha.

"we just learned how to handle this helping thing, but fight a thing like it, i'm not so sure", said Kanisha, not feeling confident.

"remember what Linsey said, each place will put your skills to the test", said Pinkie.

"that's true, I guess it wouldn't hurt give it a try", said Qila.

"I do love a challenge, let's do this", said Kanisha.

"alright, Detective kitty where did you see this bunny cyclops", said Pinkie.

"its in the sweet, sour cave, it's in the middle of the forest", said Detective Kitty, pointing to the direction,they should go.

"OK, girls let's go", said Pinkie, about to walk, then Kitty stops her.

"you must be careful", said Detective Kitty, then she waves, while the girls walk into the woods. In the middle of forest, the girls still walking.

"ok, we need to figure out how to defeat the bunny cyclops", said Pinkie.

"any ideas?". Asked Pinkie.

"maybe we could use all skills together and make a super weapon, so we can take it down,full power", said Barbie enthusiastically.

So, they go inside the cave, where it seems empty until, they get near the jewels, that's when they felt the ground shaking, and see drool realize it's the Bunny Cyclops with a two-headed dog right in front of them.

"Oh, that really is wow, I mean half of it is a Cyclops and the other Side is a bunny", Said Kanisha, surprised.

"OK", said Kanisha, feeling odd.

Then, the bunny cyclops tried to grab them, so they go into different directions.

"ok, kanisha, use your powers to make a super weapon, while Barbie and I will hold it off", said pinkie seriously.

So, they did exactly that. Six minutes later.

"let's see this work", said said kanisha, then she tests it on the rock.

"it works", said Kanisha.

"which gives me an idea", said Pinkie.

Kanisha use her super weapon, Pinkie uses her sprinkle power, and Barbie water power with Qila's super speedy power.

When, the cyclops on the ground his body turns into ooze, the ooze turned into blue birds, and the birds surround birds transport them to the inside of the castle, finds a purple stone that takes them home and gets them home


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