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Okay, let me tell you the tale about when I first discovered regular anime and yaoi.

I was 15 and one day, I made this bet with my imaginary friends that even if I watched Pokemon, I wouldn't like it.

So, I kept my promise and we sat down and watched Pokemon XY.

And let me tell you I immediately loved everything about Pokemon, the characters, the places Ash and his friends went along with the Pokemon I discovered, I laughed, I cried, and some scenes were awkward but I l loved it, so I watched the whole series, by the way this is before Sun and Moon came out.

Anyway to how I discovered Yaoi.

Well, It happened like this I was browsing through the internet, looking for anime similar to Ouran highschool host club and I found Love Stage and let me tell you, that I was caught completely off guard, yet I still watched it all the way to the end, oh and by the way I watched the dub version.

Also, my first sub version of an anime was Detective Conan.

Since, I was really interested in the story and I couldn't find the dub, so bam I watched and loved and if you're wondering yes, I have caught up with all the episodes and let me tell you that Detective Conan was the anime that made me love Japanese, they said certain words, how they looked, everything about it and it made love the places in Japan and made me want to go there.

Also, I pretty much watched all kinds of yaoi


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